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Getting the right match – Mentorship made simple

Picking the right mentor for you is a little like scrolling through potential matches on a dating site. You look at their background, interest and thoughts on the future, then take a chance and hope for a good match. But there are ways to make the mentor-matching process a bit easier. Tom Fox is theRead… Read more »

Congratulations, GovLoop Mentors Spring 2013 Program Participants

Last night, we hosted the fourth GovLoop Mentors Program Kick-Off Event, welcoming and congratulating more than 50 new mentor pairings at the District Architecture Center in Washington, DC. I wanted to be sure and post the names of both mentees and mentors to honor their commitment to the advancement of their careers and the bettermentRead… Read more »

GovLoop Fall 2012 Mentors Program: Another Success!

GovLoop just concluded its third iteration of its government-wide mentors program. The Fall 2012 cohort had just over 30 pairings and our post-program evaluations have revealed that it was another successful program. Take a quick click through this slide deck to see the stats and stories which show the solid impact the program has hadRead… Read more »

Starting a Mentoring Relationship – Fall 2012 Mentors Kickoff

Last week marked the beginning of the GovLoop Fall 2012 Mentors Program, starting with the official kickoff on August 28th, 2012. At that event, Andrew Krzmarzick and I discussed the progression of GovLoop’s mentors program, goal setting for your mentoring relationship, and the characteristics of successful mentors and mentees. It was a great event, andRead… Read more »

NextGen12: You need a Mentor

Here is the summary: One of the most effective ways to vault your career is by having a mentor. But sometimes you don’t know where to start. In this session, you’ll learn about GovLoop’s first-of-its-kind, government-wide mentors program and how you can get involved. We’ll have mentoring experts as well as a mentors and menteesRead… Read more »

3 Free Ways to Hold a Virtual Mentor Session by Video Chat

Although open to all, this blog post is dedicated to participants in the GovLoop Mentors Program! More than 70% of the mentoring partnerships in the GovLoop Mentors Program do not work in the same city. Even those pairings that are co-located geographically are likely finding it tough to schedule a time to meet face-to-face, in-person.Read… Read more »

What Are the Top 10 Traits of an Ideal Mentor? How About a Mentee?

This past Friday night, GovLoop kicked off the Spring 2012 Mentors Program. As part of the orientation session, we asked participants to break into small groups and identify attributes of the ideal mentor and mentees. Here’s what the group (including participants who chimed in by live chat) identified as the top 10 traits for each:Read… Read more »

What Makes A Good Mentor?

Mentors often provide valuable insights and institutional knowledge about an organization to a younger workforce. By working with a mentor, new employees are given new perspectives on organizational issues and are provided the opportunity to grow professionally and learn from their mentors experiences. What makes a good mentor? At all the places I have worked,Read… Read more »

GovLoop Mentors – Pilot Program Results Reveal Success

At the beginning of the year, GovLoop had a vision for launching the first-of-its-kind, government-wide (Federal, state and local) mentors program. I’m excited to report that our vision was realized! As 2011 comes to a close, I wanted to provide a summary of the project and where we’re going with it in 2012. PROGRAM OVERVIEWRead… Read more »

GovLoop Mentors: First Steps to Success

GovLoop runs a first-of-its-kind Mentors Program that seeks to connect rising stars with seasoned professionals across government. We’ve facilitated nearly 250 pairings since 2011. The message below is for people who were fortunate enough to make a match. In the spirit of community and knowledge sharing, we’re posting it so that all members can observeRead… Read more »