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Can a Basic Agreement Improve Supplier Relationships and Save Your Agency Money?

Watching the World Series, my colleague John Coombs, CFCM and Fellow, was struck with a baseball analogy to explain the power of the little-used Basic Agreement. He writes: What if Giant Gregor Blanco’s Game-Two bunt trickled to a stop but there was no base line to indicate if the ball stayed fair? How could BlueRead… Read more »

Three Easy Steps to Connection

As I ponder topics for my blog, I often look to issues that are coming up with my clients, family, friends, or those with whom I have recently interacted. I enjoy looking at shared stories and themes, and just like Twitter, my experience has taught me that there are trending topics in life. The oneRead… Read more »

The Impact of Ignoring Change

I was recently working with a west-coast municipality supporting their Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) business case development process. The project was going quite well as all the ingredients for success were in place, including: Strong executive sponsorship, A committed project manager, and A sound change management (CM) strategy led by a seasoned CM veteran. DuringRead… Read more »