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Performance Appraisal Data is Complicated. Here’s Why.

When conducted properly, performance appraisals offer a valuable opportunity to discuss work activities and goals, correct existing problems and encourage positive performance.

4 Reasons Why Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback is Important

Feedback is important, especially in performance management.

7 Risks of Poorly Implemented Performance Management Programs

Performance management programs can provide considerable benefits to government organizations; however, poorly implemented programs can lead to detrimental organizational outcomes. Read on to explore seven high-impact dangers of poorly implemented performance management programs.

The Top 5 Advantages of an Effective Performance Management Program

Performance management programs have more benefits than you may think.

Grade Gov’s Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are not just report cards. Employees often feel like performance reviews are just a waste of time because they seem to provide little feedback to truly enhance the agency’s mission. Performance reviews can also provide an avenue for communication within the agency. They can provide a way for both employees and leaders toRead… Read more »