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4 Reasons Why Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback is Important

Feedback is important, especially in performance management.

7 Risks of Poorly Implemented Performance Management Programs

Performance management programs can provide considerable benefits to government organizations; however, poorly implemented programs can lead to detrimental organizational outcomes. Read on to explore seven high-impact dangers of poorly implemented performance management programs.

The Top 5 Advantages of an Effective Performance Management Program

Performance management programs have more benefits than you may think.

Lessening the Pain of Performance Management

The first thing I learned about performance management when I entered federal service was quite clear: it’s a huge stressor for everyone. There are few topics quicker to engender eye rolls, sighs, or head shaking. No one likes talking about it, and dealing with it is downright painful. So why is this? There are many… Read more »

The Federal SES Performance Guidelines Have Begun – Is Your Agency Ready?

In some instances, particular critical elements and performance requirements of senior executives may already be part of the system. If not, or if tweaks or modifications are required, simple configuration changes can be made to accommodate the new elements. It can be as easy as flipping a switch, rather than the historical long, drawn-out process.

The Republican Debate – Will Jeb Bush Play the Performance Management Card?

Virtually across the board, federal agencies are taking a hard look at performance management and recognizing that change is needed. Almost unbelievably, too many agencies are stuck with a pen-to-paper process, with limited or no automation and no analytical data for decision making, accountability and insight. With large workforces spanning hundreds to thousands to tens… Read more »

3 Steps to Be a Good Government Leader

Are you happy with your boss? Do you feel appreciated for your contributions? How satisfied are you with your work environment? Your answer to those questions will probably vary somewhat based on your position in the workforce. However, if you’re in the public sector, your responses may be drastically different from your boss’s. Each year,… Read more »