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Transparency in Contracting: The Presentation

Couldn’t help my nerdiness — I had to insert “The Presentation” as a subtitle. It reminded me of Power Rangers: The Movie. It’s just too great to not include. Anyways, here’s an updated version of a presentation I gave the other week to the NCMA NOVA Chapter. Wonderful group of folks by the way. TransparencyRead… Read more »

Transcendent Purpose, Ability to Master and be Self Directed – Chief Factors for great Creativity!!!! Not MONEY….

One of the best presentation that captures artist’s idiocy to become highly skilled contributor to society defeating all economic prudence – transcendent purpose. Working for any public office must be this – Transcendent Purpose and Highly Creative.

Climate Science and Public Policy

1. Climate Science and Public Policy (Part 1): New Challenges in a Web 2.0 World In the first of two presentations (February 18), Rod Dobell and Justin Longo will discuss the flow of results from climate science into the formation of public policy in light of three new developments that alter the context for publicRead… Read more »

Public Speaking

Are you already nervous? Don’t worry – this is a post about public speaking, you don’t have to talk. Public speaking is one of those skills you just have to practice until you get better. The little known trick to public speaking is 90% of speakers are really bad. You can worry yourself sick aboutRead… Read more »