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Need a Job? Three Steps to Take Now

The fact that millions of Americans are unemployed or underemployed is not news. Although we seem to be engaged in Einstein’s infamous trap of ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ Policy makers are debating how to entice businesses into hiring more people and the unemployed are angry and frustrated overRead… Read more »

Are the White House telephones rotary dial?

On the TV show “24,” Jack Bauer always seemed to have a cool way of communicating with the president and his superiors at the fictional Counter Terrorism Unit. The White House had the latest gadgets and everyone used them. Realistic? The White House isn’t that advanced, according to the president. Looks like another case ofRead… Read more »

What Do Government Employees Think of the President’s Budget?

Yesterday, GovLoop hosted its second live chat in tandem with the Washington Post. While the first chat tackled the State of the Union, this one covered the President’s proposed budget. In case you missed the chat, you can review it here: By the way, if the chat sparked your interest, you’ll appreciate these otherRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: Obama Says ‘Rip Down That Red Tape!”

President Obama’s seeing red…tape, that is. And he’s asked every Federal agency to consider cutting it out. Lori Montgomery of the Washington Post reported today in this article: Obama orders all fed agencies to review regulations A few more details are found below: President Obama on Tuesday ordered every federal agency to conduct a systematicRead… Read more »