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16 Tips for Navigating Office Politics

Office politics is an inevitable part of work life. And unfortunately, avoiding it altogether, or pretending to be above it, is nearly impossible and likely won’t help you move through the ranks. But this doesn’t necessarily have to be negative, as long as you know how to navigate the system. Ultimately, office politics is allRead… Read more »

Identifying and Dealing with a Weed (Toxic Person) in Your Garden?

Dealing with Toxic People (in my People Gardening terms I really like “Weeds” better), is not always easy. Of course we go through those same thoughts I asked originally, pull them, ignore them, eradicate them, but you know, what I’ve realized, is that it doesn’t make us any better to pretend them away in any… Read more »

One Bureaucratic Act of Kindness per Day

A majority of Americans view government employees in a negative light; we are viewed as overpaid and underqualified according to most polls of the general public. While research shows that this isn’t true (see my last blog post), how do we improve public perception of government employees? For those of us that interface with theRead… Read more »

Lead With Love

There are times when you dislike a person on sight and this was one of those times. Thin, tall, beautiful, irritable. Scowled when I asked for a bit more room on the bench, to accommodate family and coats. “What a bitch,” I thought. In quotes because so loudly it seemed out loud. We shuffled andRead… Read more »