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Tips for Handling Difficult People: Part 1

In this series of posts I will use Eddy’s It’s All Your Fault to explain what a high conflict personality is and how to deal with such personalities in the workplace. In this post (Part 1), I’ll explore the basics and some what-not-to-do tips. In future posts, I will explore tips for specific personality types… Read more »

Choosing your Battles: Tips to Survive Workplace Conflict  

Conflict is uncomfortable, sometimes unavoidable.  Different personalities could make for a dynamic work environment.  Tension is bound to occur when you spend 40-plus hours a week in the same place. You should self-evaluate before you start a verbal firestorm. Ask yourself how you contributed to the problem and what will you do differently to preventRead… Read more »

The Decline of Workplace Camaraderie – Part 1 of 3

Looking back through almost 25 years of federal employment, I’ve seen a noticeable decline in workplace camaraderie and socializing within my organization. I’m not the only one seeing this; others have noticed this trend as well.   I sent out a survey to a few retirees and long-term co-workers in an attempt to coarsely gage any trends acrossRead… Read more »

Got EI? Why Emotional Intelligence Matters at Work

Does it ever feel like some people are just “easy” to get along with at work: the boss that really “gets” you, and goes out of her way to develop you; the colleague you love brainstorming with, or the employee who always anticipates what you need from him, almost before you know yourself?  …While othersRead… Read more »

What Kind of Leader Are You?

There are three types of leaders. Each is successful in a different context, says Dr. Michael Maccoby, a renowned business advisor who is both an organizational psychologist and anthropologist. And you need all three on your organization’s top management team. Drawing on nearly five decades of research and experience in both government and the privateRead… Read more »

The #1 Secret Tool for Working Better with Anyone

Somedays, don’t you just wish you had a magic wand that would make everything better with the people you work with? A magic formula, a secret potion that would make the work go better, and your working relationships run smoother? Guess what?  There is! One of the simplest yet most effective practices to improve yourRead… Read more »

4 Steps to Work Better with Your Coworkers (No Matter How Unreasonable They Might Seem)

It seems like an easy enough task, right?  Getting along with your co-workers. But they’ve got a few little teeny, tiny annoying habits. Or maybe, instead, it’s a giant ego.  What can you do when your co-workers drive you crazy? Good working relationships take more than luck While you may have lucked out in yourRead… Read more »