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Leaders: knowing how to handle acquaintances, friends and lovers

Do you know who needs to be treated like trusted lovers, just friends or passing acquaintances? Successful leaders know how to manage the level of intimacy required to cultivate a range of relationships. Technology, especially with the advent of social media (Facebook LinkedIn, etc.), and search (Google, etc.) has made work life far more intimateRead… Read more »

Return on Relationships

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATIONIt is a common trap on many IT projects that team members are so focused on ensuring project “success” (typically defined as on-time and on-budget delivery) that team members forget the critical importance of developing and maintaining effective relationships. Ironically, forgoing the relationship building elementsRead… Read more »

The importance of conference rapport

I have, to date, spoken at some two dozen seminars, conferences, panels or other public events where the audience is not my coworkers. Not bragging, just saying that I’ve been to a few. Enough, I hope, to give an observation without having the more seasoned public speakers of the world laugh too hard. I knowRead… Read more »