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Write Your Resume like Your Obituary

What if leaders wrote their resumes like their obituaries? Would future employers know them better? Could they identify their dreams, energies and passions as well as skills, knowledge and abilities? Would employers know if these candidates? • Served others rather than being served. • Developed people rather than controlled people. • Tried to impact peopleRead… Read more »

3 Tips for Writing a Resume Federal Hiring Managers Will Love

The Federal government is a competitive job market, and a unique one. Do these three things using the free resources we have available at [email protected] to make sure your resume always makes it to the hiring manager’s desk. For more on this topic, check out our resume tips, hiring resources and military-to-civilian career transition advice offered by [email protected] Qualifications: Check, Re-checkRead… Read more »


A web-based portfolio is your creative suitcase and a critical part of your web presence. Pack it carefully and your portfolio becomes the visual component of whatever story you want to tell. The creativity that you unleash by packaging your portfolio will spark further innovation. Protect that spark. It may well be what your currentRead… Read more »

Presenting: Your Web Presence (Part 1 of 3)

The Resume isn’t Dead. But it will be. Get ready by grooming your web presence to get hired, promoted or re-branded in the era of resume decline. It’s time to explore strategies for assessing and improving your own digital footprint. A strategic, well-reasoned web presence is built around a hub; radiating from it are various kindsRead… Read more »

New Year, New Resume

Every year we make resolutions…and we break them. If you are planning on applying for a position in 2015, reviewing and/or updating your government résumé is a resolute you need to make and just can’t break…especially if you are that government employee who wants to climb the GS scale ladder. In my experience, employees attemptRead… Read more »

How Keeping a Diary Can Help You Keep Your Current Job or Get You Your Next One

I was recently asked for an up-to-date résumé (note to my employer: I wasn’t job searching) and realized I hadn’t updated it since I got my current job four years ago. I had been working hard the last four years but hadn’t been keeping track of all of the interesting things I was doing. WhileRead… Read more »