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When they take attendance in the digital career domain, can you say “present?” I can’t—yet. But, as we decide how to package our skills, knowledge and experience for a digital world, we can help each other get there. The traditional resume was on life support in the previous installment of this post. The inevitable willRead… Read more »

Presenting: Your Web Presence (Part 1 of 3)

The Resume isn’t Dead. But it will be. Get ready by grooming your web presence to get hired, promoted or re-branded in the era of resume decline. It’s time to explore strategies for assessing and improving your own digital footprint. A strategic, well-reasoned web presence is built around a hub; radiating from it are various kindsRead… Read more »

The Cure for Social Media Pitfalls – 5 Guidelines for Getting Recognized

With the constant barrage of social media status updates and endless marketing ploys that rage around you, how can you ensure you are heard above all the static? How can you use social media to effectively communicate your image and message? Last week I discussed a few social media personalities that drive me crazy. ThisRead… Read more »