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3 Takeaways to Optimize the Government User Experience

Government websites don’t need to be hard to use. Good UX is becoming more and more available to agencies across government.

A Case Study in Real-World Section 508 Compliance at the National Press Club on February 21st

Deque Systems is hosting a free seminar titled “A Case Study in Real-World Section 508 Compliance: How the VA is deploying the largest section 508 program in government” at the National Press Club on February 21st. This seminar will present the inside story of how the VA is deploying the largest Section 508 Compliance programRead… Read more »

A Section 508 Solicitation Assessment Success Story

Here is another post from GSA’s Buy Accessible team: GSA’s Office of Governmentwide Policy, Information Resources Management Division, Section 508 Program Office assesses samples of Federal EIT solicitations to see if they contain the required Section 508 technical standards and sends feedback to the department/agency and the procurement officials. Here is an example of aRead… Read more »

How the Quick Reference Guide can help you understand Section 508

This week the BuyAccessible team attended the IDEAS 2012 conference. At our booth, people told us that the technical language in the GPAT was difficult to understand. That language comes from the Section 508 standard, so we can’t change it. But… a long time ago we created a resource called Quick Reference Guide that wasRead… Read more »

Can’t tell you if a product complies with Section 508

As part of my team’s job supporting the BuyAccessible Wizard, we often get questions asking if a specific product complies with Section 508. This is a question we can’t answer. Remember it is the agency itself that must comply with Section 508, not the product or the services. When an agency is determining the requirementsRead… Read more »

New Guidance Document on Conducting Accessibility Market Research

GSA’s Section 508 program recently created a guidance document, Guidance on Conducting Market Research. Buyers in federal agencies are required by law and regulation to conduct market research. Market research is a means of ensuring that what we want to purchase is in fact actually available. For ensuring accessibility and compliance with Section 508 whenRead… Read more »

Tips on Section 508 solicitation languange

Here are some new posts about Section 508 solicitation language on the Accessibility Forum 2.0 blog. Check them out and share them! Are there “standard Section 508 clauses”? – No! Standard solicitation clauses, or statements that indicate Section 508 applies or may apply without going into the detail of identifying EIT deliverables and what sectionsRead… Read more »