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StumbleUpon: More Compelling Statistics

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a blog entry about StumbleUpon – what it is (social bookmarking tool), what it does (drives website traffic), and why you should probably know about it (the tool doubled its user base to 20 million in less than two years). StumbleUpon recently worked with a data visualization/visual contentRead… Read more »

What is SocialMention and what is its value?

New on the ChatterBachs blog: “What is SocialMention and what is its value?” Day 3: The ChatterBachs Product Review Week continues. Another tool that I discovered recently and have started using is SocialMention. (@SocialMention) developed by Jon Cianciullo (@jonnyjon). From the Social Mention “About” page: “Social Mention is a social media search and analysisRead… Read more »