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Emergency Room Wait Times Impacted by Inadequate Asset Management

Most people have experienced the sometimes excruciating wait times that come with turning to a local hospital emergency room for care in a time of crisis. The phrase “hurry up and wait” comes to mind, as the rush that typically precedes arrival at the ER is often followed by a nervous (or painful) delay inRead… Read more »

Supply Chain Management: The challenges & rewards of managing movement

One of the most powerful forces shaping modern business is the ever-increasing speed and frequency in the movement of people and things across global networks and supply chains. Managing the movement of everything from employees to products to physical assets to vehicles grows increasingly challenging. Meeting these new challenges requires innovative ways to automate orRead… Read more »

Fleet Management Brings Efficiency to Vehicle-Based Businesses

Across industries, a quiet revolution in how companies, employees, and consumers use vehicles is under way. A powerful combination of wireless Internet, GPS and other technologies now brings unprecedented levels of efficiency and convenience to vehicle operation. This combination is changing how consumers park, ride and even share vehicles. It is similarly transforming how companiesRead… Read more »

Four Factors To Consider When Adopting Automated Solutions – Part 1

Little effort is needed by now to persuade business leaders that automation of business processes – from the very first link in the supply chain through accounts payable and employee expense management and all the way to the customer’s front door – should be a cornerstone in any modern business plan. Especially with the riseRead… Read more »

Four Factors To Consider When Adopting Automated Solutions – Part 2

Yesterday, in Part 1, we discussed the implementation of process automation software and some of the benefits automation can offer. We shared a handful of examples of failed implementations which are often a result of violations of 4 key qualities that interested organizations should be aware of when evaluating vendors, which we will now delveRead… Read more »

Work Order Management Streamlines Daily Operations for Companies

In business, it’s important to keep facilities running smoothly and efficiently so that daily operations don’t detract from the company’s core purpose. While the primary objective of most corporations is to generate revenue while serving their customers to the best of their ability, daily nuisances such as broken equipment, manual business processes, upgrades, replacements andRead… Read more »

Deployment Options: On-Premise versus SaaS

Yet another unique and valuable aspect of Jetstream is the choice between a SaaS (Software as a Service) or on-premise deployment. We believe giving organizations this choice adds to the overall flexibility of our solutions and contributes to Apptricity’s ability to provide software that is adaptive to the organization’s processes and infrastructure. For an expertRead… Read more »

Empowering Supply Chain and Financial Processes

Another unique element of Jetstream is the fact that we allow you to automate both supply chain and financial processes. Many of the vendors we find ourselves in competition with only offer one or the other. Here are a few reasons why we think that’s a benefit worth mentioning: Powerful automation applications across the boardRead… Read more »

Police Increasingly Use GPS for Asset Management of a Different Kind

We tend to write about fixed asset tracking on this blog in terms of supply chain management, but law enforcement around the world have started employing GPS tracking in entirely different way – to catch bad guys. And this form of aggressive asset management is sure to make the world a more dangerous place toRead… Read more »

New: Procurement as a Service

Combine winning strategies from centralised and decentralised models. What you’ll gain from this: leadership and local ownership… By: Gavin Bowden-Hall “Aggregation across the business will deliver commercial benefits but Procurement is best placed to spot the opportunities” As organisations become flatter so Procurement has to find new ways of delivering expertise into the business andRead… Read more »