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Report: A/E Firms Will Need New Tactics To Stay Competitive

This was originally published by our assistant managing editor Sean Tucker The federal government is expected to cut spending and reduce the number of contracts it issues in coming years — even in fields that have seen rapid growth over the last decade. For architecture, engineering and construction (A/E) contractors, this means a tough, competitiveRead… Read more »

Technology Megatrends – Where will we be in 10 years?

Phil McKinney, VP and CTO for HP’s Personal systems group, recently gave a fascinating presentation on the future of technology at the DoD Enterprise Architecture conference. You can see the video of his full presentation on DodEA’s website via this link: . It’s a little on the long side (over an hour) so IRead… Read more »

NG911: A national overview

INPUT’s final blog in a series dedicated to National Public Safety Telecommunications Week focuses on next generation 911 (NG911). According to the Federal Communications Commission, it is estimated that nearly 70 percent of all 911 calls are placed from wireless phones, and this number continues to rise. With the increase of cell phone usage andRead… Read more »

California Lagging in College Graduation

This is a disturbing trend. Whenever, I get a chance I encourage those I meet and know to obtain higher education, as well as maintain and upgrade their skills. Also, I try to encourage my friends and their kids to think ahead to university and vocational education. High school graduation should just be the beginningRead… Read more »