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TSP Investing Advice on Retiring a Millionaire

Usually, in todays economy, most federal employees I speak with have doubts on their thrift savings plan retirement. The older employees have an interesting mindset. They feel the market is too unpredictable to dabble in interfund transfers. “Too dangerous” is what I get most of the time. As of this post, I am 32 yearsRead… Read more »

Where to Invest in 2012

Ralph Smith is the president and a co-founder of Sign up for the free daily email newsletter to get the latest news affecting federal employees. There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about our economic future. Headlines from Europe scream about countries defaulting with investors in Greece potentially taking a 70% lossRead… Read more »

TSP Talk – Bullish Seasonality Starts

Stocks lost ground last week and it has been interesting to see how the days played out. We saw mostly good economic reports that sent stocks higher in the early trading, yet by the close investors were selling. As we’ll discuss below, historical seasonality was bearish last week, but this week things start to change.Read… Read more »

Government Benefits Worth Your Money

Goal: Make sense of your benefits package and pick the programs right for you. How To Cover Your Benefits Bases: 1. Pick a health/vision/dental insurance plan that suits your working style (i.e. HMO for staying put/PPO for travelling Govvies). 2. Contribute 5% to your retirement account or enough to get the full employer match, whicheverRead… Read more »