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5 Practical Tips for Managing Your Mobile Device

You have a mobile device in the palm of your hand -- great! But do you know how to use it effectively and safely? Probably not.

It’s bad enough when you leave your personal device vulnerable, but when improper use of a mobile device leads to an enterprise vulnerability, you’re in big trouble. Think WikiLeaks trouble..

When most of us make a mobile device management mistake, though, it’s on accident. These devices are ubiquitous, but security training is not.



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Telework Resistance may be Linked to "Clerical Culture"

In a recent post titled, Ready for the Remote Work Revolution?, author David Grinberg provides a compelling argument for the future of telework.  David's comments are…


Added by Ryan Arba on April 13, 2014 at 4:00pm — 14 Comments

4 Best Practices for Driving Mobile Innovation Behind the Firewall

On Tuesday April 8th, GovLoop hosted our third annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit. This year we focused on "Innovations that Matter" and how to make innovation stick at your agency. Read this recap of keynote on the building blocks of innovation and see the full recordings here. More blog coverage of the Summit can be found here.



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It’s a mobile world - and there better be an app for that - Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:

  • Growing up in the 90s, School House Rock taught me how a bill becomes a law and how the US is a melting pot of cultures. But there is no School House Rock video tell me what civic technology is. And I need one. We get the inside scoop on this emerging phenomenon with…


Added by Christopher Dorobek on April 9, 2014 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

It’s Judgment Day: Microsoft Ends Support for Windows XP

Today Microsoft has ended support of Windows XP. If you’re using a computer with XP, it’s essential that you take the proper steps now to upgrade your computer.


Starting today, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for Windows XP. This includes support for security updates, patch vulnerabilities and malware – support that’s essential to keep data safe, and reduce security threats.


“PCs running Windows XP after April 8, 2014,…


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9 Government Apps You Need To Know

There are more than 160 million smartphone users in the United States today. 61% of mobile phone users own a smartphone. And the global smartphone audience surpassed the 1 billion mark in 2012 and will total 1.75 billion in 2014.

Clearly, mobile is here to stay.  Consequently, the rapid rise of smartphones and tablet computing has set off a race to produce apps for just…


Added by Emily Jarvis on April 7, 2014 at 4:30pm — 2 Comments

5 Facts About Mobility Services That Government Employees Need to Know Now

The results are in: public employees will not be separated from their mobile devices.


GovLoop recently conducted a survey of 169 public sector employees to uncover trends in mobile device use, and the results are eye-opening:

  • 88% reported that they…

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Ready for the Remote Work Revolution?

Call it what you will: telecommuting, remote work, telework, working from home, etc. Regardless of how one labels it the truth remains the same: telework works, period!

However, for remote work to be successful…


Added by David B. Grinberg on April 6, 2014 at 5:30pm — 6 Comments

Telework, Mobility, and No-Name Programs

A recent study, “Top Trends in Alternative Workplace Strategies,” conducted by New Ways of Working, makes some interesting points about the status of workplace mobility programs in the private sector. One point is that the most common name for these programs is “no name.” When asked about how they refer to their mobility program, many of the people in the study responded that this is “just the way we work,” and that it is not a…


Added by Naomi S. Leventhal, Ph.D. on April 1, 2014 at 10:07am — No Comments

Protecting Against Fraud

By Marci Carris

Bad actors have been known to target wireless customers as well as banking and credit card customers. That’s why it’s important that you educate yourself about typical tactics fraudsters use and know how to avoid being a victim.

Fraudsters may call, text or email you falsely representing themselves as official representative of a…


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How's Your Work-Life Balance in Today's Digital/Mobile World?

Today’s increasing reliance on new and evolving information technology in employment has given new meaning to the term …


Added by David B. Grinberg on March 30, 2014 at 8:00am — 5 Comments

The Telework Cost Benefit Argument – It’s Reduced Stress; No It’s Decreased Cost

Even before our most recent March snow day, the savings to the Federal government for employees who continue to work while at home has topped $32 million, based on a study conducted by the Global Workplace Analytics and Telework Research Network and quoted in the March 3th edition of Wired Workplace. The weather this winter should have convinced any…


Added by Naomi S. Leventhal, Ph.D. on March 21, 2014 at 11:36am — No Comments

With Support of XP Sunsetting, The Push Should be Enterprise Tablet Adoption

April 8th, 2014, will mark the end of an era, and, for some, the beginning of something new. On this date, Microsoft will be ending its support of Windows XP, as well as Office 2003. This is a scheduled termination, and it means that businesses using XP will need to migrate to a modern, fully-supported operating system. With the average migration time for an enterprise being 18 to 32 months,…


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Two Keys to Making Mobile Matter for Government

The fast-paced mobile industry keeps even the most tech-savvy on their toes. It seems like every week a new smartphone, wearable device, or tablet is being released. And there is certainly a market for all these devices and emerging technology. Just look at some data from a recent Pew study on…


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In 1994 when the USGS launched it’s first website, the web was a very different place. Many websites that were launched had little consideration given to, or even had an understanding of, things such user experience, content strategies, or design. Over the next 20 years our…


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Public Service in the Age of Ubiquitous Internet

At most conferences, staring at your phone during a presentation is generally frowned upon.  However, at ModevGov, pulling out your mobile device and firing up an app was often a requirement.   


On Wednesday, February 26, representatives from government, private industry and the non-profit sector came together to learn from each other and discuss challenges in the government mobile application space.  The conference brought…


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Government's Mobile Technology Revolution

Mobile technologies are rapidly transforming nearly every aspect of our personal and professional lives. In fact, the proliferation of social media seems impossible without the widespread use of mobile devices. Meanwhile, companies are discovering cost efficiencies and flexibility of access – through tablets and smartphones – by moving their entire business operations to the cloud. 


Government represents a particularly exciting sector of mobile…


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12 Tips on Mobile Security from 2 Senior Executives in Government

In our most recent resource entitled, "Agency of the Future:…


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Working From Everywhere Without Sharing Agency Secrets: Mobile Security in Government

Announcing GovLoop's Latest Resource...

"Agency of the Future: Guide to

Mobile Security in…


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