Monthly Archives: May 2012

More Virtuous Examination of the Big Data Construct: TechAmerica Foundation Announces Leadership for “Big Data” Commission

We recently wrote about TechAmerica and their activities related to Big Data in the Public Sector. A Big Data Task Force in TechAmerica’s public sector group has kicked off a collaborative activity in a Big Data Task Force. There has been a new development in domain. The foundation arm of TechAmerica, which is the group… Read more »

Reorganizing Management Functions: A Manager’s Checklist for Doing It Right

Here’s a terrific checklist of questions managers should be able to answer as they undertake a consolidation of infrastructure or management functions. It is buried in a new report by the Government Accountability Office. Sometimes GAO does terrific work but couches it in ways that its value may not be immediately obvious to busy readers…. Read more »

Recruiters, Be All That You Can Be

At the most recent recruitDC, I had the privilege to share with the recruiting community tips on how to incorporate veteran hiring into a recruiter’s mindset. The poignant beginning of this presentation was the opening by Colonel David Sutherland, former Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The local DC area… Read more »

GovTwit releases data set for 4,500 tagged IDs

After seeking a way to revive the GovTwit directory (including trialing interesting services like and TwitChimp), I’ve yet to find a solution that would include all of the features and functionality I’d like. So today I’m making all of the backend GovTwit data I have culled since 2008 available to anyone who may be… Read more »

Mobile Technologies and Collaborative Project Management

I’m interested in interviewing project managers about their experience using mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablet computers to support their project management work. A particular interest is the impact of such technologies have on the communication and collaboration that occurs during the course of a project. I’m currently writing an article about using mobile… Read more »

DARPA’s Cyber Attack Operating System, SOCOM Mobile Encryption, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Plan X is reaching out to the private sector and universities to develop an operating system capable of launching cyber attacks and surviving counterattacks. More here. U.S. Special Operations Command is looking for new encryption techniques for mobile devices to… Read more »

GovBytes: Open Data – Necessity or Novelty?

Open data is probably more interesting to GovLoopers than the average citizen. That’s understandable; most data-sets aren’t helpful to everybody. For instance, checking out, I see raw data-sets concerning the marital status of active-duty forces, the location and characteristics of the worlds copper smelters, and data regarding the surface-temperature of land at night. For… Read more »