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Job Search Techniques from the Internet’s Favourite Pets

As most of you are aware, I’m an HR guy. So I read a lot of articles relating to recruitment and job searching techniques. Last week I came across this one on Mashable by Afifa Siddiqui titled ““Job Search Techniques from the Internet’s Favourite Pets”. Really, who doesn’t like looking at Grumpy Cat memes? IRead… Read more »

Mass Media Engagement: How Journalists are Using Google+

By now most are probably like me, someone who actually likes Google+ (Transparency), are probably starting to grow a little wary of the number of blogs on Google+ that talk about how awesome or un-awesome (it’s a word..seriously..) it is. Okay, fair enough, I have written my share on this topic and comments until myRead… Read more »

Mashable’s Summermash in DC

Last night I attended Mashable‘s Summer Tour. It was at USAToday’s headquarters in McLean, VA (gorgeous building). It was really exciting to meet Adam Ostrow and the rest of the Mashable Team (after having read so many of their articles). It was cool brushing elbows with people from DCI Group, CGAP, Intridea, CouplesSpark, Parature andRead… Read more »

Vote @Astro_Mike: Tweet of the Year!

Vote for Twitternaut @Astro_Mike Massimino’s first tweet from space for “Tweet of the Year” in Mashable’s Open Web Awards Social Media Edition. You can vote once a day through December 13th. Find out more about NASA’s first Massimillionaire. Let your vote send this message: When we tweet from space, everyone listens.

Why Twitter? Why Now? Why Not?

NASA hosted our first tweet-up at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, corresponding with the STS-129 Space Shuttle launch. Tweeters from around the world attended — from as far away as the UK, Morocco, and New Zealand. We exposed them to speakers who shared their experiences on what it takes to launch a Shuttle toRead… Read more »