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Fostering a Feedback-Centric Culture

One of my company’s core values is “Inner Voice”. We internalize and implement this value in many ways, but the gist is: ‘Say what you’re really thinking.’ We encourage every single one of our employees, no matter what their title or role is, to speak up and voice their opinions, concerns, questions, reflections, etc. By puttingRead… Read more »

Back to the (Boring) Basics

Quad charts…ugh. Stakeholder mapping…blah. Precedence Diagramming …don’t even get me started.  If you work anywhere near the field of Project Management you have most likely heard of and probably executed these traditional “proven methodologies.”   And if you’re like me and the majority of project management professionals I know, you probably groan/sigh/roll your eyes/{insert any otherRead… Read more »

Don’t Let Stress Poison Your Work Environment

Raise your hand if this feels familiar:  you’re completely overwhelmed, frantic, and stressed to the max.  You have a never-ending task list and not enough hours in the day.  Inadvertently, you end up either burdening yourself to a breaking point resulting in poor work-product and even more stress or barking orders at your team furtherRead… Read more »

4 Ways To Make Sure Your Meeting Isn’t A Flop

Meeting agendas would appear on their surface to be fairly mundane, simple documents used out of habit and obligation. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines an agenda as “a list of things to be considered or done.” So what is it about a good agenda that can actually make your meetings better? Here are four tips forRead… Read more »

Why I Didn’t Quit My Job During the Government Shutdown

During the 17-day Federal government shutdown my company, Corner Alliance Inc., had to make some tough decisions. Many of our employees were not able to perform work (read: make money) including myself. I worked the first week of the shutdown on internal Corner Alliance tasks, like our website and a Virtual Participation Best Practices document.Read… Read more »