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A Few Social Media Stats About EPA’s Efforts

Today, the following request came from a colleague at another federal agency via the Web Content Managers Forum, the gov’t-only group of 2500+ folks: I need ammunition/stats from other federal agencies regarding the value of social media, specifically in terms of an agency’s obligation to be transparent and to reach and serve ppl where theyRead… Read more »

I’m hiring! Looking for a hotshot web coder

We’re looking for someone with creativity, initiative, and great web coding skills (HTML, CSS, JS). The job listing is open from now until April 7. We’re the team that manages EPA’s home page and many sites, including Earth Day. You might also get involved in emergencies, like our Japan nuclear emergency site. We also manageRead… Read more »

Gov’t FB Pages: Allow Fans to Post or Not?

Here’s a discussion from a gov’t web managers listserv. The original question was: should gov’t Facebook pages allow people to post? I want to be very clear: I interpreted this question as being about posts – where they start a whole new item: text, photos, videos, links, etc. I’m emphatically NOT talking about accepting comments.Read… Read more »

Fantastic advice on how to manage up, esp. as a web manager

My friend Candi Harrison’s latest blog post is well worth reading: I recommend this not only because I’ve successfully implemented her advice as a leader, but also because it works for me as a manager. I love helping my team succeed, and it’s best when they make that as easy as possible.

Help EPA: We need a map!

We’re under a tight deadline to produce a map similar to the one at To be clear, we just need a static image with rollovers that appear as you mouse over a state. Not a Google-like map, not anything fancy or GIS-based. Just an image that will show a little info and then letRead… Read more »

Home Page Heat Maps

At EPA, we’ve started using regular heat maps to experiment and assess success on our home page. These visual presentations show where people are clicking – hotter colors mean more clicks. Every month, we update our popular topics list based on what people are searching for. We also often try out new features. So weRead… Read more »