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What’s Next for Your Career

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net’s HR Specialist Are you trying to figure out your next career step? Many folks with higher level clearances just move into another job that requires the clearance because it’s easy. Those with lower-level clearances face more difficulties when they discover it does not automatically get them many opportunities. ButRead… Read more »

5 Old-Fashioned Job Search Techniques

The job search landscape has changed tremendously in recent years. The electronic age has led to information overload for both the job seeker and the employer. Here are five old-fashioned, or just plain wrong, job-search techniques to avoid if you want to improve your chances of getting hired. 1. Mailing your resume to an employer.Read… Read more »

Social Media for the Security Cleared Job Seeker, Twitter

Social media is now a common means of communicating, doing business and supporting career search and development. But as with everything there is a huge divide between those who adopted technology early and most of the rest of us. I was reminded on a recent family visit that there is still healthy skepticism, suspicion andRead… Read more »

Show Me the Money, Salary and Benefits

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Specialist When you are looking for a new job, a critical issues is pay and benefits. Yet too many of us don’t even think about these issues in advance. You need to or you may make simple mistakes with large dollar, long-term career consequences. So first, what constitutesRead… Read more »

Use a Word Cloud to See if You Are Emphasizing the Right Keywords in Your Resume

Word Cloud. You’ve probably seen one but may not have realized what it is. A word cloud is a randomly arranged combination of words or phrases meant to visually represent the words or ideas that are most prominent in a document. The more a phrase or word appears in a document, the larger it willRead… Read more »

How to Find Your Next Job by Giving Away Your Expertise for Free

Previously, we shared in Marketing Yourself for Your Next Career Opportunity, that your job search is very similar to marketing a product. At the recent Online Marketing Summit, Michael Stelzner of “Social Media Examiner” shared how he has grown his business by giving everything away for free. The dynamic growth of “Social Media Examiner” hasRead… Read more »

How Do You Cope with Employer Mistakes in Your Job Search

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Specialist Lately there have been a spate of blog posts and articles on common job search mistakes. A quick search will show you lots of good lists. And yes, otherwise smart people make some silly, even stupid mistakes. But so do employers. How do you cope with employerRead… Read more »

College Degree: Worth Your Effort?

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Specialist. He’s an Intel IT type in a senior management position and he doesn’t have a degree. But everyone who works for him and all new hires do. She’s military and ready to take her enlisted experience and security clearances into the government contracting world. But all theRead… Read more »