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Mobile Livestreaming: The Next Social Frontier

By Josh Delung, ICF International Every day, it’s estimated between about 300 and 600 new apps launch in Apple’s App Store alone, not counting other storefronts such as the Google Play store for Android devices. There’s a similarly overwhelming deluge of social networking sites that seem to emerge for some new niche each week. It’sRead… Read more »

Social Media Ear Trumpet: Listening to Your Community to Design Relevant Content

By Jessica Havlak, ICF International It’s not so hard to think up fun ideas that we think might engage our audience… but who knows better than they what will be appealing? I’ve found that the best way to create engaging, relevant content is just to pay attention. Listen to what your community is talking about, and designRead… Read more »

The Death of Disposable Content

By Emily Grenen, ICF International If you work in social media, you’re likely quite aware that creating new content is an intensive process. It often requires a good bit of creativity to find material that resonates with your target audience, but that also fits the guidelines that you, a partner, or a client have developed.Read… Read more »

What HTTPS Everywhere Means for Federal Agencies

On Monday, June 8, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a final memorandum mandating that all Federal websites implement HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). By December of 2016, all Federal websites will need to implement HTTPS for all communications. Why the Mandate? Privacy, web communications, and encryption are certainly in theRead… Read more »

Design Doing: Creating a Digital Practice

By Stacy Surla The environment we work in matters.  It gives us agency – the ability to affect things with our actions. As user experience professionals, it’s important for us to think about transforming the business – our environment – so Design Doing can happen. IA as commodity is stupid Let’s consider Jane, an informationRead… Read more »

Social Media Speak: How to Avoid an Instagram Faux Pas

By Emily Grenen Increasingly, Instagram is becoming a popular platform to connect and engage with new audiences. Unlike other domains – article commentary, obligatory birthday wall posts, and lengthy status updates are (almost) done away with. With Instagram, you’re focused on photos that anyone with the app can create, right from their smartphone. The platformRead… Read more »

Analytics-Driven Media Planning: The Way It’s Done

By Elizabeth Kiken, Teena Hampton, and Annette Picon When media planning is done well, media selection is based on big data through syndicated research surveys. All people want media to reach the right audience. And some companies know who their audience is, while others may be surprised to find out who their audience actually isRead… Read more »