The Opportunity to Ask is Now: Cloud and Cybersecurity

As part of the Virtual Executive Roundtable series that we started at, we have put together two outstanding panels of experts – one to cover the government’s cloud initiatives (February 16) and another to address the new programs and efforts to enhance cybersecurity (March 9). But going beyond forming a panel of leading cloudRead… Read more »

Public/Private Relationship for Cybersecurity

Interesting article at Defense Systems “We’re not embracing the issue in its totality,” said Larry Clinton, president and CEO of the Internet Security Alliance, at the forum. “Right now, the private sector is in charge of securing critical infrastructure, and the government’s job is compliance. They have fundamentally misunderstood the relationship that needs to developRead… Read more »

White House Cybersecurity Czar Promises to Share ‘Great Big Uglies’ With Industry

“In short there’s a lot to do, but I think we’re better now than we were last year. We were better last year than the year before.” That’s how White House cybersecurity czar Howard Schmidt defined the progress his office has made in his one year on the job. Schmidt, officially the Special Assistant toRead… Read more »

Tulsa Training Cybersecurity Experts to Defend America

This blog was originally posted It outlines a great program in Tulsa, OK that training the type of Cybersecurity experts the U.S needs right now to be leaders in the field. The following is the first few paragraphs of the article written by Siri Carpenter. Click here for the full article which I wouldRead… Read more »

National Institute of Standards and Technologies Encourages Greater Online Participation in Upcoming Advisory Board Meetings, Nov 3-5

Are you interested in online privacy and cybersecurity? Now, you can watch government and industry experts discuss these issues in upcoming Federal Advisory Board Meetings being held November 3-5. You can tune-in live and submit your views and concerns directly to Board Members. This is government transparency and citizen participation at it’s finest! The NationalRead… Read more »

The next steps in cyber security

Did you know this is the seventh annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Get out your protective gear and we’ll relate what we learned about cyber security from Gigi Schumm of Symantec at FedTalks 2010. If you go back seven years ago to 2003 the big viruses were blaster and slammer. In those olden daysRead… Read more »

Cyber Vetting for Security Clearances

The Electronic Freedom Foundation recently obtained information under the Freedom of Information Act regarding a June 2009 report of a study sponsored by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) on the use of Cyber Vetting for security clearance purposes. The study involved 349 test cases of intelligence agency applicants who consented toRead… Read more »

Member of the Week: Henry Brown

I am currently employed as a Security Analyst for Office of Personnel Management 1.What was your path to public service/current job? I spent 15 years in the military, before I decided that money was one of the more important things in my life (was trying to raise a family on E-6 pay in theRead… Read more »

Help Wanted: U.S. Needs Cybersecurity Experts and Fast!

Our friends at Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) recently issued a study called “A Human Capital Crisis in Cybersecurity,” that highlights how the United States is facing a chronic shortage in the quality and quantity of its cybersecurity experts. As such, the nation unprepared to defend itself against increasingly sophisticated online attacks. TheRead… Read more »