Are you a Gov IT Professional? Check out just launched as a go-to resource for any government IT professional involved in cybserSecurity. It’s main feature is an on-line assessment of cybersecurity skills to determine whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, and it also has a broad variety of resources, ranging from “Cybersecurity for Dummies” to detailed technical papers on everyRead… Read more »

Preparing for the Fight

Originally posted on By Prem Iyer, Director of Information Security at Iron Bow Technologies Despite a reported reduction in the number of cyber attacks, major brands and government agencies across the globe have been the targets of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. A notorious hacker group, LulzSec, has recently infiltrated government Web sites belonging toRead… Read more »

Cybersecurity Has Become A Multi-Front War

Reports surfaced from Reuters last week that an old cyber menace, the agent.btz work, is still bedeviling Defense Department networks. The worm, which first appeared in 2008, is resilient, and it appears to create open doors on machines for surreptitious downloading of other types of malware, such as keyloggers. Couple the worm attack with otherRead… Read more »

I Haven’t Trusted My Toaster for 15 Years

Our Nation’s Greatest Strategic Thinkers Are Published at NDU Fifteen years ago three national security strategists published a paper which would resonate with a new crop of cyber practitioners in the Department of Defense, Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities titled “Information Terrorism: Can You Trust Your Toaster?” This paper, by Matt Devost, Brian Houghton andRead… Read more »

What the White House Really Wants In Cyber

With 50 bills in Congress having to do with cybersecurity, and none of them showing any imminent signs of movement, the White House at last weighed in with its own legislative proposal. In an online statement, the president’s staff said it was outlining its cyber legislative goals in response to a request from Senate MajorityRead… Read more »

Mobile Government and Cybersecurity: Access Denied

Last week, I had the opportunity to host GovLoop’s web-based training session entitled, “Common Mobile Challenges and How to Overcome,” which featured insight from State Department’s Gary Galloway and Microsoft’s Steve White. We’re hosting the second in the series this Thursday: Register for Part 2: “Go Mobile, Be Secure, Improve Performance” During last week’s training,Read… Read more »