Privacy, Profit, and Innovation

Give us your cookies, your browser history, your torrid search queries, yearning to breathe free. (Sorry, Emma.) That’s the deepest desire of online marketers, and it is thanks to them that we have so much content and so many applications available to us free, online, every day. Our data is valuable, but not in itselfRead… Read more »

The Darwinian Challenge of Cybersecurity

(Note: This blog comes from DLT Solutions CTO Van Ristau and The DLT Blog) The adaptive nature of threats to information security has proven to be one of the greatest challenges to personal, business, and government adoption of computing in general, and communication of digital information over the public Internet, in particular. Today we areRead… Read more »

The Future of Federal IT Spending

(Note this Blog is written by Rick Marcotte, CEO of DLT Solutions and comes from A recently published and well-read blog in this sector recently disclosed that government contractors surveyed by Grant Thornton LLP experienced revenue boosts from federal business during the past year. Here are a couple of thoughts on why that mightRead… Read more »

Facebook and Twitter Can Endanger Your Security Clearance Health

On the Homeland Security Watch blog earlier today, an article was reposted concerning the use of popular social networking tools and their possible endangering of a professional’s security clearance. Here is my response: Yes, professionals with security clearances have many concerns when it comes to maintaining their clearances. These are professionals who we have entrustedRead… Read more »

Sweet Gov Conf Tweets – Symantec Government Symposium (#symgovsym)

This conference was held June 16, 2009 in Washington, DC. Below are the Twitter-related statistics for the conference along with the stream: Top Contributors 1. @gkrew – 47 2. @dslunceford – 17 3. @lpamelaa – 17 4. @symantecnews – 8 5. @krazykriz – 7 6. @JMGOVIT – 7 7. @jjesse – 6 8. @wamurray –Read… Read more »

The State of Cyber Security in the Federal Government, what do you think?

INPUT, a government market research and analysis firm in Reston, VA, would like to know your thoughts on the current state of Cyber Security in the Federal Government. Your responses will be used aggregate to help our analysts understand current perceptions and opinions by government employees and the contractor community. Thank you in advance forRead… Read more »


The Internet is infected and U.S. citizens are paying a steep price by having their identities stolen and bank accounts raided by international hackers on a regular basis. We are calling for more action from the U.S. government to help industry fight the battle and stop those who are wreaking havoc on our lives. WhileRead… Read more »