Looking Inside the Maple Leaf – How Canada Does Transparency

How many potholes have been filled this spring in your city? Are buses arriving on time this weekend? What’s the number of business licenses granted in the past month? How fast are emergency vehicles responding on-scene to accidents? These are just examples of questions citizens ask their local government on an everyday basis. Frequently, findingRead… Read more »

BYOD Moves Ahead in Government – Can You Catch Up?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is changing the technology landscape in government. With a flood of consumer devices entering the workplace, the public sector is looking at ways to use the BYOD concept to improve communications strategies, cut costs, increase employee productivity, and transform collaboration across government agencies. And it’s working. The BYOD program atRead… Read more »

Improving IT Security Through Implementing Sound Enterprise IT Governance

This article was originally posted on the IBM Center for the Business of Government Blog by Dan Chenok and John Lainhart. In the face of ever-increasing cybersecurity risks, significant attention is being paid toward improving preparedness and response of agencies, vulnerabilities and threats. throughout the public sector. Two ways to go about supporting these activitiesRead… Read more »

Cybersecurity: Experts’ Concerns — and Advice

At GovLoop’s latest live event on cybersecurity, a panel of experts gathered to discuss the myriad challenges that the government and organizations face when it comes to being prepared for cyberattacks. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom — each participant also offered up concrete tips on what you can do today to start creatingRead… Read more »

How being TACIT Can Help Your Cybersecurity Efforts

Cybersecurity has emerged as a key priority for information technology leaders. From the top levels of government, pressures are increasing to protect U.S. critical infrastructure and collaborate across sectors. But being secure isn’t just about thwarting attacks – it’s also about being prepared to react once you fall victim to a cyberattack. Dealing with cybersecurityRead… Read more »

4 Reasons to Attend Our Mobile Security Event

Smartphones. Tablets. BYOD. Oh my! Now, you have access to your data at all times, 24/7. You’re no longer disconnected when you leave your office. It’s obvious to anybody how far our society has come with mobile technology and the unique opportunity it presents to transform the way government operates. But in order to capitalizeRead… Read more »

What Can We Learn From a Decade of Cyber Crime?

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report is one of the most hotly anticipated cybersecurity publications of the year. Based on 1,367 data breaches and more than 63,000 security incidents in 95 countries, the Data Breach Investigations Report paints a realistic picture of the current state of cybercrime. Bryan Sartin, director of the Risk Team atRead… Read more »

The Evolving Cyber Threat – Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER: Twenty years ago the government created the role of the Chief Information Officer. But now, two decades later, there’s still a real disconnected between procurement and IT. So what can and should be done? Insights from the Public Spend Forums, Raj Sharma. You can find all of our programs online: DorobekINSIDER.comRead… Read more »

Procurement Summit – How to Empower the CIO

Twenty years ago the government created the role of the Chief Information Officer. But now, two decades later, there’s still a real disconnected between procurement and IT. Procurement systems simply cannot keep up with the pace of the technology. Need proof? Just look at the rollout of Many experts say the wrong contractors andRead… Read more »