The Air Force Has a Plan for Testing Cyber Aptitude

Much like the military’s use of the Defense Language Aptitude Battery to test a person’s ability to learn a foreign language, the Air Force is developing an assessment tool to help determine a recruit’s ability to operate in the cyber domain. There are assessments out there today, but the Air Force needs to decide how… Read more »

Defending America with Sticky Notes

The story of defending America with sticky notes, or why government needs a generation of young innovators to spread design thinking, tells the story of a small group of young govies who set out to bring innovative ideas and creative processes to the Pentagon. They failed, they learned, but now, they are succeeding as changeRead… Read more »

Building the Force of the Future

At the Next Generation of Government Summit, I was sitting in a room of nearly 700 public sector employees from every level of government. As I wandered that room, I asked these govies to tell me about themselves and, let me tell you, I was floored by the dynamism I found. Every person had differentRead… Read more »

Maintaining Endpoint Security Across an Expansive Network

This interview is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, The DoD of Tomorrow, which explores how the department is transforming its operations, technology, workforce, and acquisitions process to confront 21st century challenges. The Department of Defense’s information network spans the globe. Yet while that asset is necessary to support a distributed workforce and worldwide mission,Read… Read more »

Enabling Agile Project Management at DoD

To support that constant evolution of JIE and other projects, DoD’s project management strategies must become more adaptive. Some defense leaders have already realized this and included a mandate for that dexterity in the 2010 Defense Authorization Act. The act states, “The Secretary of Defense shall develop and implement a new acquisition process for information technologyRead… Read more »