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Managing Organizational Change – Valuable Input from Our Clients

Here are the highlights from the First Annual Signature Development Organizational Development Roundtable discussion on Managing Organizational Change. Below you will find the major questions clients asked during the discussion as well as some of the best practices CHENEGA, U.S. Department of Energy and other client organizations are implementing to manage organizational change.


Creating Culture

  • How do you define culture?
  • What is being lost or gained in the process of culture change?
  • In the Federal Government there are so many different cultures, how do you create a unified culture in this type of environment?


  • How can you motivate a team to work together to promote behavior change?
  • How do you become one while still maintaining some differences?

Talent Management

  • How can you demonstrate that you are able to align goals, be effective and maximize talent?
  • How can we build tunnels to increase?

Best Practices:

  • Developing Leaders: if the leader is on board and supportive it creates positive momentum for change
  • Acknowledging and celebrating previous success stories while encouraging the change of direction
  • Establishing core values as a common thread
  • Employee opinion survey – understand how your employees are coping with change and what they feel still needs to change

What are some best practices you employ in your organization to mange organizational change?

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