Federal Eye: The Plum Book: How Do I Apply For a Job?

Following yesterday’s rolling coverage of the Plum Book, a few (newly!) loyal readers have asked how one goes about applying for a job listed in the Plum Book. The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, responsible for the book’s publication, suggests you: 1.) Contact your representative or senator if you’re applying for the highestRead… Read more »

A Patriot’s Reading List

No matter which side of the political fence you’re on, these books should prove engaging and enlightening, not to mention pertinent to our time. (If you are uber pro-Bush then you might enjoy the Fareed Zakaria and Reza Aslan books more than the more lefty works). This is just a small collection of some thatRead… Read more »

Municipal government + 2.0 communications car metaphor

The city manager is at the wheel, with all the department heads in the front seat trying to read a map that the council in the back seat is drawing per the instructions of the citizens shouting on the side of the road. If only we could get that map drawn faster. It’s always crazyRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: What Would You Do? Adapting YouTube, Facebook and MySpace to Governing

One of the first things The Eye learned as he began his new beat is that many federal workers have felt undervalued, under-appreciated and frustrated in recent years about the lack of innovation and creativity allowed in the workplace. “Front-line employees have a really good idea of how to do the work of the federalRead… Read more »

Presidential Transition Update from The Council for Excellence in Government

Following a lengthy Presidential campaign and the historic election of President-elect Barack Obama, all eyes are now on the Presidential Transition. Selecting a team of excellent appointees, getting them on the job or shortly after January 20, and preparing them to hit the ground running to address urgent challenges are Jobs One, Two and ThreeRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: The Eye Opener: Nov. 13, 2008

Great news! Wednesday was our first full day of existence and The Federal Eye quickly became one of washingtonpost.com’s well-read blogs. This makes The Eye, his editors and Almost Mrs. Eye (the fiancee) very happy. Keep it up! Now onto the news and events of the day… Read More Here >>>

Review Teams for Treasury, State, Defense Announced

We told you yesterday that the Obama-Biden transition team would announce the names of those leading the agency reviews, and they’ve just released the names of those leading such efforts at the departments of treasury, state and defense. What do you think? Do you know these people? Like them? Don’t like them? Leave your thoughtsRead… Read more »

Who Needs Fantasy Football?

This NYT cabinet-picker sounds like a lot more fun to me. There again, I also think administration is fun. This makes me maybe not the best judge of popular taste. I also thought cool ranch doritos were a horrible idea, but look how well they turned out. I liked “The American Embassy,” too.

YGL – Web 2.0 as an enabler in Federal Government

Web 2.0: What is it? Who’s using it? How to introduce it in your organization? What to expect from a new national administration in 2009? On October 22, 2008, these questions and more were answered at the Web 2.0 event sponsored by Young Government Leaders (YGL), in coordination with our partners at the National AcademyRead… Read more »