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How not to do it: Public Transport Authority

This is a post from a personal eGov blog I started a while back, but never found the time to really devote to it. I’m going to start a semi-regular feature piece here, at the moment under a working title of how not to do it. I want to make it crystal clear from the… Read more »

ClearedJobs.Net Extends Military Spouse Appreciation Effort

ClearedJobs.Net’s effort to publicly recognize military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day has since evolved from a one-day act of outreach into an ongoing effort well beyond May 8, 2009. The objective behind the original military spouse outreach effort was to highlight the commitment and dedication of military spouses who often must endure months apart… Read more »

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Federal Cloud Computing Heating Up !

(Previously published on “Cloud Musings“) As fellow blogger Reuven Cohen mentions in his post, Federal cloud computing is indeed heating up: Vivek Kundra held a US Federal Government Cloud Computing Summit yesterday The Federal CIO Council is officially studying effective uses of cloud computing According to Network World, an INPUT study places Federal spend on… Read more »

Do you plan your online strategy in the same way you plan your media strategy?

Republished from eGovAU. Typically government and commercial media teams spend time identifying publications and journalists that have the most appropriate audiences for an organisation’s products and services. They commit energy to building constructive relationships with those that have influence over the members of the public they are trying to engage, tailoring stories to suit their… Read more »

A System for Proposal Management

Are you a business owner or an executive eager to win government business? Are you new to the Federal market? Have you written proposals that didn’t win? Have you missed great opportunities that appeared custom-fit for your company? Does it seem you’re working harder and harder for minimal results? Or, are you someone who is… Read more »

Green IT Best Practices

This newsletter focuses on Green IT and the growing awareness that governments, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations need to better manage their use of technology in an environmentally responsible manner. As large purchasers of electronic products and services, they have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to provide leadership through environmentally sound practices and cost-effective, life-cycle management… Read more »

A Fruitbasket of Opportunity

I haven’t heard much of anything good in the news lately – the economy #FAIL, swine flu, Apple raising prices on itunes songs. And I won’t even start on the weather as of late. Last time I checked my zip code was in Washington DC, not Seattle. BUT – being a die-hard half-glass full kind… Read more »

GovLoop Member of the Week – Lauren Modeen

This week I was able to pick the brain of IT Queen and super active GovLooper, Lauren Modeen! She took some time to chat and I ended up with one awesome interview! Thanks Lauren! Enjoy! 1. What do you do exactly at Computech? Aha – – what do I do exactly at Computech…a solid opening… Read more »

Its not about eGovernment but about enabling eCitizens

The idea of eGovernment is not exactly new, but definitely back in focus again as Governments everywhere seem to be all looking for savings, and see the idea of eGovernment as one of the ways to achieve some savings. The rationale sounds good to a Politician ‘we will deliver more for less cost’, move efficient… Read more »