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The next steps in cyber security

Did you know this is the seventh annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month? Get out your protective gear and we’ll relate what we learned about cyber security from Gigi Schumm of Symantec at FedTalks 2010. If you go back seven years ago to 2003 the big viruses were blaster and slammer. In those olden days… Read more »

Research and Best practices eNewsletter

Research 1. Mobile Government: 2010 and Beyond (01/2010) – EU report explains why mobile government is essential for creating a strong public sector. Includes a list of existing m-government services worldwide and analyzes their potential. 2. Citizen engagement as part of the policy-making process (09/2010) –After a burst of initial enthusiasm, many in government… Read more »

Who cares about transparency? Show me the money!

I am always impressed by the efforts of countries, cities, and towns to open up data silos, to engage with citizens and customers, to collaborate and create mutual value. However, we must be able to articulate the value of our efforts if we are ever to get citizens, journalist, and others truly excited. I read… Read more »

Design, Empathy and Community

“This is Service Design Thinking” by geschenkt I’ve been playing with this notion in my head over the last couple of weeks that while it’s clear that there are digital literacy skills needed, there seems to be little progress made on what those literacy skills look like. I spent the day at the Chicago Children’s… Read more »

Improving Federal Acquisitions: Let’s Do It Right

Over on Federal Computer Week, Dr. Steve Kelman has written several blog posts on The Lectern in a series of issues related to improving federal acquisitions and communications, specifically information technology projects. Although I have commented on the specific blog posts, I wanted to have a more in depth discussion here. Improving Federal IT Acquisitions… Read more »

Becoming Citizen 2.0: Step Four, Co-ordinator

If most of government, and Gov 2.0, is about ordinary people doing ordinary (though necessary, ennobling, and underappreciated) things, Coordinators are the people who are doing extraordinary things. Both within government and beyond it, coordinators are the ones who are looking at the big picture and creating the tools that co-deliverers and creators use. What… Read more »

Up in the cloud!

Public Sector Partner Briefing – Government Track 27th of Sep London, Wonderful time of the year in London, drizzly pleasant weather – Fall is well on its way! MS campus in Reading is where partners from the UK and around the world were invited to a full-day public sector partner briefing. The agenda included plenary… Read more »

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Increasing “Jointness” and Reducing Duplication in DoD Intelligence

(The views on this blog do not reflect necessarily the views of any client or employer – Dr. Bordeaux is solely responsible for the material posted to this GovLoop blog. This blog should not be considered reflective of an official position on the part of anyone other than John Bordeaux.) When the Secretary of Defense… Read more »


NEW CYBER SECURITY REPORT REVEALS FEDS’ TAKE ON FISMA 2.0 As OMB CyberScope Deadline Nears, 85 Percent of CIOs and CISOs Have Not Used the Tool – Compliance, Cost, and Security Value Questions Abound Alexandria, Va., October 4, 2010 – MeriTalk (, the government IT network, today announced the results of “FISMA’s Facelift: In the… Read more »

Open source and government

Another post I have been sat on and chewing over for a little while… Charles Arthur in the Guardian highlighted an interesting area of discussion in the use of open source in government a little while ago. He reports on the views of Liam Maxwell, the councillor responsible for IT policy at the Royal Borough… Read more »