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Accessible Blogging Sites

I have a friend who would like to start a blog, but can’t find a blogging site that has an accessible back end (she uses a screen reader). Does anyone have any experience with blogging sites and can recommend one with the fewest accessibility issues?

Does HTML 5 Contain a Show Stopper for 508 Compliance?

We have an internal discussion forum at USGS where many of the developers from across the organization discuss web related issues, templates, etc. Today someone posted a topic on HTML and the transition from XHTML (since that’s what many people were told to do years ago). However, as I was offering some information on HTMLRead… Read more »

Social Media and 508 compliance.

Gov Loop user Stephen Luke asked a good question if NING was 508 compliant. The article by Andrew Soderberg seemed to sum it up best with “508 is a minimum requirement, why not go the extra mile.” Source: As a frame of reference remember blind programmers and web surfers do not have monitors –Read… Read more »

EPA’s Approach to Social Media and Accessibility

A few weeks ago, there was a vibrant discussion on the Gov’t Web Mgrs Forum (open only to gov’t employees) about how to both ensure accessibility and use social media sites like YouTube. There are as many interpretations of what’s required and what’s best practice as there are people discussing these issues. So I tookRead… Read more »

Turf Wars and Accessibility

We all have experienced varying degrees of the “turf war” that exists when asked the question “where in your agency is Web managed?” The one thing it seems like no one wants to fight over is accessibility and compliance. So, I pose this question: Where in your agency is accessibility managed? Regardless of the levelRead… Read more »