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Accessibility Hack #3: Testing Colours to Enhance Readability

This is a crosspost of According to the University of Washington’s Department of Ophthalmology, 2.8 million Americans have colour blindness, which can express itself in many variations and degrees of severity. Colour perception problems are important considerations when developing web sites to ensure that all users have access to the content and the functionalityRead… Read more »

An Approach to Accessibility

As you may have heard last week, Google announced that they have added ‘Auto-Captions’ for all videos on YouTube. Google’s hope is to increase its user base and has chosen to focus its attention on accessibility with hopes that users with certain disabilities will leverage the site and find it useful. The reality is thatRead… Read more »

Browser Compatibility: So Often Overlooked

Everyone knows that developing a government website can be a challenge. One of the most common development concerns is Section 508 compliance. However, while Section 508 compliance is important, it should not be a developer’s only concern when testing a website. One area of web development that I find so often overlooked by government developersRead… Read more »

How To – Accessibility Hack #2: Using Headings to Improve Navigation

This is a crosspost of In his review of New York City’s website, the esteemed web accessibility expert Jim Thatcher docked the site points for not having headings, which assist readers in navigating the content. WebAIM’s Screen Reader User Survey found that headings are the primary mechanism for finding information within a page. ARead… Read more »

The Accessibility Verdict:

This is a crosspost of Author: Jim Thatcher I am looking for a surprise. It would be so gratifying to open up a government web site, any government website, and be impressed with its accessibility. The New York City site isn’t that site. In fact, the accessibility of the New York City site isRead… Read more »

Why Web Accessibility is More Than a Legal Obligation

This is a crosspost of Author: Glenda Watson Hyatt Utter the phrase “web accessibility” to a group of web designers and watch eyes immediately glaze over. Thoughts rapidly surface of how alt attributes, relative font sizes, audio transcripts and other technical requirements impede their creativity and add to their workload. However, the thoughts thatRead… Read more »

My E-Government Wish List for Santa – Wish #1

This is a cross-post of: Dear Santa, This year, I‘m not asking for a new iPhone, a Spy Camera Video Watch or an Electrical Car (a real one!). Santa Art by Isabelle (6 years) This year, I’m asking for a better e-Government. The Obama administration has already made a huge progression with the OpenRead… Read more »