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A Stress-Free Guide to Getting the Most Out of Virtual Events

Want to attend a truly awesome virtual event? Sign up for GovLoop’s free 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit on April 22nd. We live in a golden age of professional development. Gone, or at least really dimished are time-wasting travel misadventures, rubbery hotel chicken dinners, and awkward run-ins with people you’d rather avoid. Virtual conferences and trainings solve a lot of problems. They provideRead… Read more »

How Long Should I Stay Here?

Each year, our organization hires a group of recent college graduates into our human resources intern program. The interns spend the next two years traveling throughout the Department learning the ins and outs of processing HR actions, the culture and a bit about themselves. The program culminates with graduation and an honest Q&A session withRead… Read more »

FEW May 3, 2012 National Advocacy Day (AD) Program Success & Mission Accomplished !!!

ADVOCACY DAY LEGISLATIVE BREAKFAST THIS DAY YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE!!! Matthew F. Fogg – FEW National Vice President for Congressional Relations Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-AL) – AD Visit Thank You Letter.pdf FEW AD Team Lead Report On Visit To Senator Cardin.docx 2012-AD-Participants List.xls Latest News Update Following MAY 3, 2012 AD FEW AD Press ReleaseRead… Read more »

Personally Thriving in 2012: The Power of Focus

For me, 2011 was a great year in personal development but the uncertainty and turmoil surrounding being a government employee reaffirmed the need for constantly developing my skills. I see 2012 as being even more turbulent and I am convinced that the best strategy is to be the “go to” employee who consistently delivers results.Read… Read more »

How to Find Your Next Job by Giving Away Your Expertise for Free

Previously, we shared in Marketing Yourself for Your Next Career Opportunity, that your job search is very similar to marketing a product. At the recent Online Marketing Summit, Michael Stelzner of “Social Media Examiner” shared how he has grown his business by giving everything away for free. The dynamic growth of “Social Media Examiner” hasRead… Read more »

College Degree: Worth Your Effort?

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Specialist. He’s an Intel IT type in a senior management position and he doesn’t have a degree. But everyone who works for him and all new hires do. She’s military and ready to take her enlisted experience and security clearances into the government contracting world. But all theRead… Read more »

How to Make Lemonade From Prunes: A Career Guide

Have you ever worked for someone who lived by the mantra “We’ve never done it that way and we’re not going to start now.”? If you work for the Federal government, it’s likely that you have. Oddly enough, there still remain many civil service employees across the Nation with more than 30 years of service.Read… Read more »