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How three governments are beating the budget crisis

In my work with public sector customers, I am constantly inspired. Resilient government leaders respond creatively to daunting circumstances time and again, turning to such tactics as alternative funding, new service delivery methods, and innovative partnerships to help them continue providing essential citizen services. The current budget crisis is no exception. Today, federal managers reportRead… Read more »

Collaborative transformation: 2 visionary cities lead the way

When we rolled out our global CityNext initiative in July, we named a handful of showcase cities, from Auckland to Zhengzhou, that have a running start on their journey toward modernization and optimization. In visiting many of these cities, I’ve gotten to see firsthand the tremendous potential they’re unleashing by putting data and technology toRead… Read more »

Why Don’t Any Big Cities Have Municipal Broadband?

I haven’t written a post in a while, but reading an interesting article in Atlantic Cities today, Why Are There No Big Cities with Municipal Broadband Networks?, I was reminded of some past posts and wanted to take the opportunity to bring some thoughts together. The largest city in the United States with its ownRead… Read more »

Government Social Media Community Managers

There are 44 positions on with social media in the job description and this will rise in 2013. Starting and carrying out these programs can be daunting but the number of qualified applicants for these positions is growing as well. As more and more public agencies migrate data and information into the cloud andRead… Read more »

Non-Emergency 311 Centers Can Save Lives

When disasters strike towns and cities, 911 centers quickly become inundated with calls beyond those that are truly life-threatening situations. The result is that emergency response is delayed which can sometimes lead to deadly consequences. A case in point is a story in the New York Post about how New York City’s 911 center wasRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Can a Font Bring a City Together? Introducing Chatype

A small group of designers and entrepreneurs in Chattanooga, TN have been engaged in a grass-roots effort to make their city first city in the US to have its own font. It started last year when collaboration began on a font to encapsulate the unique aspects of the city. In January, the group unveiled Chatype,Read… Read more »

Are more “super-sized cities” coming soon?

For years, people have talked about a phenomenon called “suburban sprawl” – what happens when cities tend to blend into each other along a stretch of road, making it difficult (if not impossible) to tell when you have passed into a bordering community. This is often said of the Chicago to Milwaukee corridor – bothRead… Read more »

GovBytes: Using Technology to Manage Traffic Congestion

The West Coast is famous for being sprawling, but some cities are now using technology to reduce traffic congestion. According to a recent article in Government Technology, some of their innovative solutions include: Green lights that automatically adjust with traffic flows in Portland Creating HOT lanes that allow drivers to pay varying rates depending onRead… Read more »