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Twitter, Technology, and Customizable Education

Visual. Audio. Kinesthetic. What type of learner are you? We each have different wiring in our brains, so why assume that we all learn the same way? With traditional learning strategies, a generalized model tends to be applied to large groups of people, but this doesn’t always yield homogenous results in terms of comprehending theRead… Read more »

Defining Boundaries: The Challenge of the Connected Bureaucrat

The connected bureaucrat faces many challenges and pitfalls in a world where what you say on Twitter, Facebook or just about any social network becomes part of the public record. As more and more public servants begin to use social networking, it is important to begin defining boundaries and addressing the life of the bureaucratRead… Read more »

The Future of e-Gov: Connected e-Governance

Mills Davis‘ Semantic Technologies session presentation, at today’s Gov 2.0 Unconference, is compelling, to say the least. It illustrates where the web is going, with respect to e-Gov and Web 3.0 (and onwards). Fasten your seat belts, folks. What is the role of cloud computing, web 2.0, and web 3.0 semantic technologies in the comingRead… Read more »

Role of cloud computing, web 2.0, and web 3.0 semantic technologies in an era of transparent, collaborative, connected governance?

Brand Niemann (EPA) and I recently organized a a one-day conference / workshop held in Washington, DC on February 17, 2009 on the role of information and communication technologies in an era of connected governance. This wiki page contains the program and all proceedings including presentations, videos, and handouts from the event: From E-Gov toRead… Read more »