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What the CIO Wants

What do the government’s tech bosses want? George DelPrete, a principal with the professional services network Grant Thornton, has the answers. For the 25th consecutive year, Grant Thornton and the Professional Services Council released their annual federal CIO survey, revealing the issues that concern the government’s CIOs the most. In an interview with Chris DorobekRead… Read more »

Beating Cybercriminals at Their Own Game

Do cybercriminals listen to online trainings about defending against their threats? Let’s hope not! Yesterday’s online training, “Defend Your Agency Against Cybercriminals’ Top Tricks,” was dedicated to beating cybercriminals at their own game. Right now, the number of cyber attacks that occur is at its highest rate ever and is doing everything but decreasing. AccordingRead… Read more »

12 Things You Should Know About the OPM Breach

There is no shortage of information on the interwebs about the massive Office of Personnel and Management breach that left computer systems and data exposed to hackers. The hard part is cutting through the jargon and speculation to understand what happened and what this hack means for you, especially if you’re one of the 4Read… Read more »