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Data May be Open, but is it Secure?

“It would be false to say that people are happily sharing their data with us.” That’s how the Department of Defense’s Col. Bob Saxon explained his agency’s efforts to open up government data. For all of its potential benefits, open data also presents security risks to those providing the information. From loss of agency confidentiality,Read… Read more »

Protecting Yourself from Cyber Crime

Perhaps you or somebody you know was a victim of one of the security breaches at the Office of Personnel Management. After all, 21 million people were affected by having their personal records stolen or compromised. The incident was one of the central topics at the breakout session titled “Cybersecurity Best Practices: Have Good CyberRead… Read more »

8 Notable Federal Government Leadership Resignations

In the wake of Katherine Archuleta’s departure as Director of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), it’s natural to think back on other high-profile federal leadership resignations. Some resigned from government because they did something wrong or poorly handled a key situation. Others left because, ultimately, they were the ones in charge. As Steve Huffman, co-founder and new CEORead… Read more »

Silicon Valley: Give Gov a Digital Reboot

Attention Silicon Valley talent: “Uncle Sam” wants YOU! That is, to help reinvent government via mass digitalization of citizen-facing services across the sprawling federal bureaucracy. Several generations ago, in January 1961, President John F. Kennedy famously stated in his inaugural address: Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you canRead… Read more »

OPM Cybersecurity #Fail, As Told By Twitter

Last week, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced that “sensitive information” on 21.5 million personnel was stolen from their systems. Today, OPM announced additional information about the recent cyber incident Learn more: — Katherine Archuleta (@OPMDirector) July 9, 2015 Soon after this “enormous breach” (so said FBI director James Comey) was announced, OPMRead… Read more »

Identity at Risk? Here’s What to Do

Government hacks have left over 4 million more people dealing with identity theft today than were dealing with it before. Not sure what we’re talking about? Find out more here, we’ve broken down the 12 things you need to know. A data breach doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone’s identity will be misused tomorrow. For some,Read… Read more »

On Your Mark, Get Set – Are You Ready for the Federal Cyber Sprint?

By Paul Christman, VP Federal Sales, Dell Software. This blog was originally posted here. In the wake of the recent OPM cyber breach, federal CIO Tony Scott recently announced a 30-day “Cybersecurity Sprint” requiring agencies to immediately take steps to improve protection of federal information and resilience of federal networks. Tony Scott’s initiative comes inRead… Read more »

Holistic (Cyber)hygiene

Outdated technology, lack of oversight, poor planning; lawmakers have cited all of these factors and more as reasons for the recent onslaught of cyber breaches. In the wake of the OPM cyber attacks, government agencies are scrambling to shore up their cyber defenses. Federal CIO Tony Scott recently ordered a “30-day sprint” for government agenciesRead… Read more »

Optimizing Mission Performance with Application Rationalization

This interview is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, The DoD of Tomorrow, which explores how the department is transforming its operations, technology, workforce, and acquisitions process to confront 21st century challenges. Over the years, organizations often acquire numerous applications with the objective of improving operational efficiency. However, when those same applications then become obsoleteRead… Read more »

Defending the Future

Time keeps on slippin’…at least that’s how it feels when you look at how fast technology is advancing. The speed at which the private sector is developing and implementing new technology has left government agencies like the Department of Defense scrambling to keep pace. In the recently released GovLoop guide, “The DoD of Tomorrow,” weRead… Read more »