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Embrace Cyber Hygiene: Lessons From the OPM Hack

Last year more than 20 million government employees, contractors and their families were hacked. The Office of Personnel Management is now trying to fix some of their cybersecurity gaps during a six-week cyber sprint led by Federal Chief Information Officer Tony Scott. In this month’s DorobekINSIDER Live, “Cybersecurity: Lessons From the OPM Hack,” Chris DorobekRead… Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the IBM i2 Summit for a Safer Planet

Follow me on Twitter (@OliverClarkMe) for on-site coverage including blog recaps, live-tweeting from sessions, pictures and more! Threats to societies and organizations have never been more numerous or intense. From fraud and cybercrime, criminal and terrorist threats to weather related disasters and infrastructure emergencies, communities, corporations and countries must prepare for threats, accelerate responses andRead… Read more »

Staying Secure with 50 Billion Devices

Conservative estimates predict there will be more than 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. That’s more than one internet enabled device per-person on the planet. “This smart technology is the fastest growing technology in history,” said Peter Romness, Cybersecurity Lead for US Public Sector, Cisco. “But with every additional device comes increased securityRead… Read more »

Government Calling? Don’t Get Scammed

If you’ve used the Internet even once in your life, you’re probably familiar with scams. From the more obvious pop-up viruses to the well-disguised phishing emails, scams are an ever-present nuisance in our lives in the digital age. While you have likely encountered fraud attempts online before, what about over the phone? In the wakeRead… Read more »

The Aftermath of the OPM Hack

When news first broke of the OPM hack back in June, few understood the massive scale of the attack. Originally thought to have affected 4 million federal employees, estimates quickly rose to over 22 million impacted. Since that time, government agencies have scrambled to shore up their cyberdefenses and OPM has worked to provide identityRead… Read more »

Top 10 Cyber Management Mistakes

The majority of participants in GovLoop’s online training, Cybersecurity for Public Health – A Cyber War Game, said they weren’t sure if their organization is prepared for a cyber breach. And according to speakers Mike Hager, the Senior Security Architect for Teradata and Sam Harris, the Director of Cybersecurity for Teradata, your organization probably isn’t.Read… Read more »

When Good Isn’t Good Enough – Cyber Edition

In the wake of the OPM breach back in June, the federal government has been scrambling to patch cybersecurity vulnerabilities across the country. Federal CIO Tony Scott ordered a 30-day sprint, which tasked government agencies with addressing known vulnerabilities and establishing multistep authentication security frameworks. But as cyber threats against the government grow more advanced,Read… Read more »

Zero to ‘Secure’ in 60 Seconds: 3 Tips for Using Agile Security to Create a Security Posture

You’re hired…. Now ‘do’ security! That’s a common challenge to information security professionals hired into an organization that previously had not staffed security positions.  Daily breach headlines, and evolving threats, can make the pursuit of a security program the equivalent of a game of ‘Whack-a-Mole’.  After spending a few years in the security consulting arenaRead… Read more »