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3 Ways Cognitive Computing Improves Government

Government organizations are at a crossroads between greater demands for services and increasing obstacles to providing those services. In a recent executive report based on a survey of 100 government executives across the globe, IBM proposed that cognitive computing is the answer to some of the challenges that government organizations face. The principle behind cognitiveRead… Read more »

Applying Clustering to Streamline Data Analysis

The practical applications of clustering are vast. With the ability to identify groups in the data based on their shared characteristics, future customers, employees and stakeholders can be marketed and delivered products and services that are most likely to be pertinent to their specific needs.

Wearing Your Data Geek Badge With Pride

Data analytics isn’t about technology — it’s about the people. That was the main takeaway from a lively roundtable session held at GovLoop’s March 8th event, How to Understand Government Data Analytics. Nicole Blake Johnson, Technology Writer at GovLoop came together with Caryl Brzymialkiewicz, Assistant Inspector General / Chief Data Officer at Department of Health and HumanRead… Read more »

10 Ways to Create a Culture for Data Analytics

Aside from budgets, cultural barriers pose one of the greatest challenges to introducing new technologies and new ways of thinking into any agency. There’s a certain way that people have always done things, and sometimes learning a new way can cause angst or pushback. So how do you foster an environment where people are openRead… Read more »

Accelerating Insights with Multi-Tiered Flash Storage

While the benefits of big data in government are tremendous, the implementation is proving very challenging because legacy infrastructure cannot handle the demanding workload. Here’s how multi-tiered flash storage systems can help.

Improving Human Capital Management with Analytics

In 2014, GSA launched a division dedicated to developing workforce analytics deliverables. The first of those deliverables was an interactive dashboard that visualized answers to common HR questions about new hires, separations, onboarding and more. Now, GSA has a turnover model for predicting future employee losses.