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Wearing Your Data Geek Badge With Pride

Data analytics isn’t about technology — it’s about the people. That was the main takeaway from a lively roundtable session held at GovLoop’s March 8th event, How to Understand Government Data Analytics. Nicole Blake Johnson, Technology Writer at GovLoop came together with Caryl Brzymialkiewicz, Assistant Inspector General / Chief Data Officer at Department of Health and HumanRead… Read more »

10 Ways to Create a Culture for Data Analytics

Aside from budgets, cultural barriers pose one of the greatest challenges to introducing new technologies and new ways of thinking into any agency. There’s a certain way that people have always done things, and sometimes learning a new way can cause angst or pushback. So how do you foster an environment where people are openRead… Read more »

Accelerating Insights with Multi-Tiered Flash Storage

While the benefits of big data in government are tremendous, the implementation is proving very challenging because legacy infrastructure cannot handle the demanding workload. Here’s how multi-tiered flash storage systems can help.

Improving Human Capital Management with Analytics

In 2014, GSA launched a division dedicated to developing workforce analytics deliverables. The first of those deliverables was an interactive dashboard that visualized answers to common HR questions about new hires, separations, onboarding and more. Now, GSA has a turnover model for predicting future employee losses.

The Future of Data Analytics in Government IT

This blog post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent guide, How You Can Use Data Analytics to Change Government. Download the full guide here. What does 2016 look like for government IT? We may be in for a few surprises, but one thing is clear: data analytics will play a key role. There are several areas whereRead… Read more »

Conversations With Your Building: Using Data Analytics To Improve Operations

Do you know what your building is saying? IBM recently released a report on smarter building management, highlighting the importance of collecting, analyzing, and using the data that buildings provide. The benefits are plentiful: smarter building management can lead to energy conservation, improved efficiency and utilization, and better decision-making in the future. From elevators toRead… Read more »

DorobekINSIDER LIVE: Understanding Data Analytics

Government has access to massive amounts of data, but what’s the point of all that data if you can’t take advantage of it? How should the data be stored? How can we sift through it all? What should we do with all of it? The answer is effective data analytical strategies. Which is why thisRead… Read more »

4 Keys to a Successful Data Analytics Program

There are countless stories of agencies using analytics to improve online services and better track internal metrics. But the path to a successful big data analytics implementation requires proper long-term planning that addresses growth, flexibility, agility and the evolution of technology.

How Analytics Is Driving Cyber Operations at DISA

Analysts can work more efficiently now because they aren’t flooded with a sea of security alerts that realistically can’t all be addressed at the same time. Using analytics, they can prioritize anomalies and understand what data is leaving the network in an unauthorized way.