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Five practical applications of government big data

2013 may go down as the year of big data and data analytics. But according to a new report by IBM and the Partnership for Public Service, big data has been around since the 1970s. The report titled,From Data to Decisions III – Lessons from Early Analytics Programs, showcases five government cases studies where agenciesRead… Read more »

Status check – Is the fed gov actually teleworking?

The number of people teleworking in the federal government is a bit murky. The reason for the unclear percentage is that agencies are struggling to report actual numbers to the Office of Personnel Management. Those were the findings of a Government Accountability report. Yvonne Jones is the Director of Strategic Issues at the GAO. SheRead… Read more »

Making Better Decisions: Leveraging Your Resources In Challenging Times

Often times it seems like the government’s answer to a problem is to add more regulations or requirements. To pile on the problem rather than really look for a solution. AGA and six national associations of government officials released a call-to-action guide designed to help promote trust in government by limiting government requirements to thoseRead… Read more »