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How the Cloud Can Support Your Analytics Journey

“The way forward for developing modern analytics capabilities in the cloud requires an agile approach,” said Michael Kennedy, Director of Public Sector Cloud Strategy at Catapult. “While there are times when it is necessary to build big to accommodate massive amounts of information, that is the exception, not the norm.”

Data Analytics Helps Agencies Transform Government

Business users know that if they had better access to the mounds of data available to them they could make more informed and better business decisions and they could be looking ahead not backwards. We finally have modern user-friendly data analytics tools available to do just that.

Making Buildings Smarter at Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh is dedicated to higher education, research, and learning, so it makes sense that the buildings themselves are smart. By partnering with IBM, Carnegie Mellon was able to harness the power of data from buildings to improve facility performance, increase efficiency, and advance industry business practices.