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2023 Granicus Digital Government Awards Now Open for Nominations

Starting May 1 through June 15, public sector organizations across all levels of government in North America can nominate individuals, teams or projects within seven categories to recognize excellence in communications, service delivery and digital transformation. 

Help Wanted: Your Ideas for Technology-Powered Citizen Engagement

A challenge has been issued to Americans, and it’s one you’re going to want to accept. The challenge has been made by Jason Goldman, who is getting started as new Chief Digital Officer at the White House on April 6. Jason comes from the tech sector trenches at companies including Twitter and Google, and is one of many prominent tech folks who haveRead… Read more »

Failing Technology Projects? Consider Going Agile

Our requirements don’t always represent what we want — at home and on the job. Many of us – or our family members – have had experience working with home contractors. And sometimes, things don’t always go smoothly. Maybe the paint color is a little off. Or the bathroom sink is placed just a littleRead… Read more »

Digital Government is Changing Land Conservation

In our last post on digital innovation, we set the stage for the future of the public service agency. We talked about the goals of the digital public agency: the ability to engage with constituents; the ability to simplify operations at all levels; and the ability to change and adapt to new circumstances. We alsoRead… Read more »

The Future of Government Innovation: Being Digital by Design

Today, public sector organizations at all levels are facing shrinking budgets, with some of the most severe cuts taking place in information technology and support services. But at the same time, these organizations are expected to deliver services and conduct business at the speed of technology, as citizens of all ages – from boomers toRead… Read more »