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Hybrid conference: International City/County Management Association (ICMA)

Greetings colleagues, I have had the pleasure of working with Julie Butler and ICMA for the past two years. Julie was charged with extending the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) annual meeting to a worldwide government professional virtual audience. Police and emergency services are struggling with lower tax revenues and reduced budgets, upsetting their traditionalRead… Read more »

6 Tips for Putting on a Winning Webinar

Last week, GovLoop and ON24 hosted a virtual event on how government agencies can transition traditional in-person trainings and conferences to the virtual environment. This movement has the power to drastically cut costs, time, and emissions, while delivering an interactive and engaging experience to participants. The presentations were crammed with great tips on how toRead… Read more »

Got Your Attention? Building Engaging Virtual Events & Trainings

Have you ever witnessed a colleague falling asleep at their computer? I have and that person had keyboard imprints on his face because he was disinterested and bored while trying to complete a mandatory online training for his job. While I certainly poked fun at him, I also sympathized with him. Dry, boring and monotonousRead… Read more »

The Best Types of Content for Virtual Events and Training

Nearly everything is offered virtually nowadays. Virtual trainings, courses, career fairs, conferences and even concerts are happening across the globe, redefining how people engage in learning, recreation and job-related activities. Virtual events are also gaining traction in the public sector due to a “perfect storm” of overlapping factors, such as extended travel restrictions, greater publicRead… Read more »

How Do You Convert a Classroom-Based Course for Social, Online Learning? (Part 2)

In a previous post, I highlighted how GovLoop worked with the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to convert a two-day Department of Defense (DoD) course entitled, “Performance Management for HR Practitioners.” In this post, I wanted to share the recommendations that we made to OPM as I think they offer some lessons for otherRead… Read more »

How Do You Convert a Classroom-Based Course for Social Learning in Government?

How do you successfully convert a classroom-based course to be delivered online while maintaining interactivity and knowledge transfer? This is Part 1. Read Part 2 here. That was the question GovLoop and the U.S. Office of Personnel Management set out to answer a few months ago when the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) approachedRead… Read more »

Best Practices for VTC in the Classroom

Video teleconferencing can offer exceptional benefits to students in the classroom through virtual field trips and one-on-one interactions with experts and others around the world. While many administrators see video as the future of education, many teachers are reluctant to embrace the technology. A common fear is that incorporating VTC in the classroom would requireRead… Read more »

Online IT Security Awareness Materials

We are looking at the possibility of developing an in-house online security awareness training program for our employees. We currently contract out with a hosted solution, however, it is pricey. I was looking around on the web, found very few online training programs that were short. I think one I found was like a 10-hourRead… Read more »

Strategic & Tactical Advantages of Custom Web-Based Training

If you’re interested in developing custom web-based training courses for your employees, but you’re having trouble getting upper management to buy-in, we can help. Knowing the strategic and tactical advantages of web-based training can help you convince decision makers that web-based training is appropriate for your team. It’s hard to list out all of theRead… Read more »

How to Conduct E-Learning Training

Developing E-Learning training courses isn’t as easy as just deciding on a whim to take your training courses to new heights. A lot of hard work goes into developing E-Learning training courses that meet the needs of your organization and give learners information they need to know. Here are some tips for ensuring that theRead… Read more »