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Public Sector Entreprenuers

“Public sector entrepreneurship invites the opportunity to reexamine the role of government by introducing innovation and competitiveness to government, and other areas of the public sector. Public sector entrepreneurship can be viewed as tearing down old thoughts, processes, programs, or even organizations, in order to institute something more effective in its place. Public sector entrepreneursRead… Read more »

Organizational Entrepreneurs: 21st Century Leaders

Making Mountains out of Capitol Hill A first time visitor to Capitol Hill will probably be surprised to find the legislative branch of United States government essentially run by twenty-something-year-olds fresh out of school. “I’m 33 and I am past my time,” Eric Johnson, former Chief of Staff to Robert Wexler (D-FL), told a groupRead… Read more »

A social meeting to take the breath of entrepeneurship environment of Barcelona.

The DAY OF THE ENTREPRENEUR is the biggest annual meeting for entrepreneurs and support services for entrepreneurship and business growth in Barcelona. Over two days, the DAY OF THE ENTREPRENEUR brings together, around a widely varied and multi-format programme of activities, more than 5,500 entrepreneurs with business ideas, high level managers and decision-makers, the protagonistsRead… Read more »