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Social Share the Love – Four Ways to Help Your Favorite Cause

It’s 2013, and non-profits are on – or getting on – social media platforms to promote their cause or service. That’s a lot of content, and a lot of time and energy put into creating that content. News summaries and action alerts from your favorite groups help keep you in the loop and offer youRead… Read more »

Government and Social Media: How Agencies Communicate with Hispanics via Facebook

Blog series originally posted at DK Web Consulting. In today’s blog on Government communication with Hispanics via Facebook, we will look at three main things; (1) which Facebook tabs are popular, (2) how many tabs do US Government agencies use, and (3) do these Spanish-language pages use third-party applications to post. For those of youRead… Read more »

Facebook Graph Search and the Variables: There’s a Difference Between “Like” and “like”

Since Graph Search was announced by Facebook, bloggers and digital nerds have been singing its praises and aggressively speculating on what other search engines/sites this new tool will take down (Google watch out! Yelp you’re going down! FourSquare don’t even think about it!). Through the buzz, I have remained cautious, and then I came acrossRead… Read more »

How Social are Spanish-language Government Facebook Pages?

Blog series originally posted at DK Web Consulting. Introduction With traditional marketing taking a backseat to digital for many companies, the way government communicates with the public is shifting too. Government agencies are taking cues from the private sector and turning to social media to reach the public. In this report, we review in detailRead… Read more »

Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About – Role of Social Media Going Forward? #connectedgov

Twitter, facebook, instagram, googleplus — all these tools and more have been around for a few years. But many government agencies are still slow to see their value. We’re not saying there aren’t real pockets of innovation. But on the whole government is slow. Why is that? The Partnership for Public Service and Booz AllenRead… Read more »

Abandoning Facebook

This is a repost from GovDelivery’s Reach the Public blog, originally posted 11/14/12. Yesterday, ReadWriteWeb posted an article detailing why Dallas Mavericks owner and tech billionaire, Mark Cuban, is taking his social media engagement elsewhere, effectively abandoning Facebook as the Dallas Mavericks’ primary social media tool for connecting with fans. Why? The short version: “He’sRead… Read more »

Stop Being an Unpaid Part of Facebook Ad Campaigns

Blog originally posted at Social Media Spanish. Recently I have seen more and more discussion about people feeling very uncomfortable with Facebook using their name and image on social ads. I wrote about this last year on the dangers of showing up on Pepto Bismol’s next ad for a chimichanga antidote. People online are becomingRead… Read more »

Social Media: Will the Bubble Burst?

Conventional wisdom among many stock market analysts used to be that highly successful social media companies such as Facebook, Groupon and others would fare well in the U.S. stock market. Yet, surprisingly, just the opposite has occurred in many instances invovling the largest and most successful social media sites. Some social media outfits have seenRead… Read more »