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Social Media & Free Speech: Appeals Court Gives Facebook Thumbs Up

Score a victory for free speech on social media. In case you missed it, the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond recently overturned a lower court decision in a closely watched lawsuit involving First Amendment protections on social media (Bland v. Roberts 12-1671). The suit centered on state employees of a sheriff’s officeRead… Read more »

Facebook Attempts to Gain Cool Points With Roll-out of #Hashtags

Proving once again the awesomeness of Twitter, Facebook bit the bullet on hashtags and rolled them out to some users this week. Rumors of Facebook hashtags began to circulate in March, but now that they’re finally here we will begin to see whether they enhance user experience and functionality on Facebook, or indicate that FacebookRead… Read more »

An EPA social media success: ongoing participatory photo project

I get asked regularly for successful examples of using social media, so here’s one. Forty years ago, EPA hired photographers to capture our world, with a special focus on environmental issues. That was the Documerica project. For the past two years, EPA has invited everyone around the world to repeat that effort, sharing photos withRead… Read more »

Should Local Governments Rely on Facebook for Public Communications?

Back when social media were just getting popular I was a strong supporter for government use especially in times of crisis or emergency. Going “where the people” are seemed a simple justification for why a government agency might want to use Facebook. Facebook is relatively cheap to get started, it provides a standardized platform, itRead… Read more »

Customers Don’t Want Ads, They Want a Conversation…Just Not the Conversations You Want to Have

Fast Company just published another article discussing how customers are no longer satisfied just with good products and services or low prices – they want collaboration and conversation from brands. In another Fast Company article from January, they state that “brands, marketers believe, ought to start acting less like things and more like people, andRead… Read more »

Facebook to get a Facelift – Good for government?

“Facebook announced a redesigned News Feed–a radical makeover of their core product at the heart of their homepage. The big changes are easy to spot. The feed is now a unified design between desktops and mobiles, its images are bigger, and every bit of information is more personalized at the user’s end,” said Mark Wilson.Read… Read more »

Social Media is Maturing: Nor Cal Public Agency paying $116 Annually for #CMGR

I don’t normally talk about what people make but I found this to be revolutionary. The Valley Transportation Authority in San Jose, CA just posted a opening for an Administrator of Social Media & Electronic Comm with the following payscale. Click here for more information. SALARY: $46.01 – $55.93 Hourly $3,680.46 – $4,474.25 BiweeklyRead… Read more »

Social Share the Love – Four Ways to Help Your Favorite Cause

It’s 2013, and non-profits are on – or getting on – social media platforms to promote their cause or service. That’s a lot of content, and a lot of time and energy put into creating that content. News summaries and action alerts from your favorite groups help keep you in the loop and offer youRead… Read more »

Government and Social Media: How Agencies Communicate with Hispanics via Facebook

Blog series originally posted at DK Web Consulting. In today’s blog on Government communication with Hispanics via Facebook, we will look at three main things; (1) which Facebook tabs are popular, (2) how many tabs do US Government agencies use, and (3) do these Spanish-language pages use third-party applications to post. For those of youRead… Read more »