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Facebook & Free Speech: Gov Workers Fired for Clicking “Like”

While most users of Facebook and similar social media sites may assume that all online activity is protected free speech, this might not always be the case — including for public sector employees. One recent judicial ruling, which has set off alarm bells among online free speech advocates, should cause govies to take notice sinceRead… Read more »

What the Facebook ruling from the Advertising Standards Board (that comments are ads) means for agencies

There’s been a lot of commentary this week in the media around the decision by the Australian Advertising Board (ASB) to rule that the comments of fans published on an brand’s Facebook page are actually advertisements and must comply with industry self-regulation and consumer protection laws. In face the ruling states that Facebook, and otherRead… Read more »

Facebook Tabs and Apps Used by the US Military – Facebook Use Study (2 of 3)

Blog series originally posted at DK Web Consulting. Intro In today’s blog we will look at three main things about the US Military’s use of Facebook; (1) which Facebook tabs are popular, (2) how many tabs do military pages use, and (3) do these pages use tabs such as Hootsuite to assist in publishing. ForRead… Read more »

Local Governments Do Not “Like” Facebook’s New Page Name Policy

The City of Olathe, KS, along with many other cities around the world, is facing a Facebook dilemma. The popular social media site is cracking down on their page management policy, and according to their Facebook Page Terms, name guidelines must not consist solely of generic terms such as “beer”, “pizza”, and now geographic locationsRead… Read more »

The Military’s use of Social Media: Facebook Focus (Part 1 of 3)

Blog series originally posted at DK Web Consulting. The growth of social media is evident even amongst the ranks of government. The five branches of the US Military have been social media champions and there is much to learn from their efforts as we see in this report. This is the first installment of threeRead… Read more »

Lessons Learned: Crisis Communications Online

Over the years, I’ve had the honor of either directly running or managing the people running EPA websites responding to various crises: 9/11 (that happened one month after I joined public affairs) Columbia Shuttle Accident Hurricane Katrina BP Oil Spill Radiation coming to the U.S. from the release of material from Japanese nuclear reactors followingRead… Read more »

Facebook usage: a local perspective

Continued from last time… In my previous post, I explained that I’m trying to gather data on the number of social media users within a geographic area. I’m basically attempting to answer the question: “what is the actual take-up of social media in Hampshire?” (which is where I live and work). All change The OfcomRead… Read more »

Estimating Social Media usage within a geographic area

I’m an enthusiastic supporter of the adage ”go where the people go” if you want to connect with customers and service users. I believe it applies equally – if not more – in the virtual world, than the physical world. I don’t pretend to be an expert – far from it – but because IRead… Read more »

What You Can Learn from HHS Facebook Pages (Part 3 of 3)

By Eric Diaz. Blog series originally posted at DK Web Consulting. Click here for Part 1 in the series on HHS Facebook page use. Click here for Part 2. It’s not just the private sector jumping on the social media bandwagon. Government agencies are using the robust Facebook platform to reach the public too. ThisRead… Read more »