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Colorado Counties: Success and Challenges to New Media Use

In April I wrote briefly about Commissioner Audrey Danner from Moffat County, Colorado and her efforts in using social media to connect with her constituents. I had a chance to sit down with Commissioner Danner earlier this month at the Colorado Counties, Inc. summer conference and talk a bit more about Moffat County using FacebookRead… Read more »

What You Can Learn from HHS Facebook Pages (Part 1 of 3)

By Eric Diaz. Blog series originally posted at DK Web Consulting. It’s not just the private sector jumping on the social media bandwagon. Government agencies are using the robust Facebook platform to reach the public too. This is the first installment of three in a series about the US Department of Health and Human Services’sRead… Read more »

My Cup of IT: iMullet?

By Steve O’Keeffe — Yep – like every other middle-aged fella, I had to have an iPad. It’s cool. It’s slick. But I sported a mullet too… At my “padiversary,” I’ve stopped lugging it to meetings. Couldn’t make intelligible notes. Keyboards for people that don’t need to work. Yes, you can get a keyboardRead… Read more »

Agency Facebook Career Pages + USAJobs Integration? Finally!!

Government needs to start engaging with talent better. The company Work4 Labs, Inc., has introduced a way for Federal agencies to push their jobs listed on USAJobs directly to their Agency’s Facebook page. Now, candidates can not only view jobs on Facebook, but also have the ability at the job level to see who elseRead… Read more »

Zuckerbergs Hoodie Stirs Controversy on Wall Street – They Just Don’t Get It…

Some on Wall Street were up in arms recently as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wore his signature hoodie to meet with potential investors on the verge of Facebook’s initial public offering. Others rushed to defend the young CEO, going so far as to point out that he likely does not — and should not —Read… Read more »

Social Networks: If You Build It, Will they Come?

By: Grant Asplund Originally posted on Federal Blue Print In an age where technology is changing in the blink of an eye, there is one thing we know for certain: social media applications and networks are here to stay. While old technologies such as voice and instant messenger persist, more and more agencies are integratingRead… Read more »

Govbytes: Maryland employers banned from requesting Facebook credentials

In a move which adds to the national debate over whether it should be lawful for employers to ask applicants for Facebook passwords — and ends it in Maryland — the state last week became the 1st to ban the practice. Facebook also recently took a stand against employers requiring passwords during the hiring process.Read… Read more »

The Good Workplace Snitch

“This place is a hell hole. If I had a car today I would up and quit.” This was a real Facebook post, though not too uncommon, and shared by a social network “friend” with their mutual employer! Facebook “snitching”, as it’s been coined, has prompted a lot of discussion among HR professionals who areRead… Read more »

Password Please

At the beginning of the month, I wrote a blog about how a study showed that Facebook may just be a reliable assessment tool for recruiters. It sparked a conversation about whether employers should be using Facebook to screen applicants. Flash forward a couple of weeks, and stories about job seekers being asked for FacebookRead… Read more »